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Breakage and Damaged Hair

Every stylist should know the answers to these questions

25 April 2018
Every stylist should know the answers to these questions
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We all want to know what products to use for our hair worries, the dos and don’ts, and whether our habits are helping or harming our hair. Every professional stylist should have the knowledge about the effect our habits and the products we use have on hair, and if they don’t, it might be time to widen your circle and find one you’re comfortable handing over your precious hair to. Brand educators Terry Bloem (Matrix) and Richard Nienaber (Redken) let us in on the essential questions that every stylist should know how to answer.

What are the best treatments for my hair?   

Keratin and collagen treatments are popular today, but it depends entirely on your goals and specific problems. Keratin and collagen are invaluable proteins in your body that make up the structural integrity of hair, nail and skin cells. The collagen hair treatment is ideal for reviving thinning and ageing hair by improving your hair’s flexibility. Go for a keratin hair treatment if you need a little help with straightening, as the keratin will improve hair grip on the scalp and strengthen and thicken the volume of your follicles. As an alternative, you can ingest the B vitamin biotin for quicker hair growth.  

What is the most effective way to protect my coloured hair from chlorine and salt water?   

Coloured hair is susceptible to increased absorption of any element it encounters, so using an anti-chlorine conditioner before and after you swim will provide a protective barrier to prevent heavy chlorine absorption. Salt water dehydrates hair by pulling moisture and nutrients from it, so use a leave-in conditioner before diving into that ocean. A rather unsexy solution is to wear a swimming cap because sacrificing looks to protect your hair and its colour is worth it. Another must-have in your haircare arsenal to combat the effects of swimming (whether in chlorinated or salt water) is a hair cleansing cream or something similar. Redken’s ultra-mild Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Shampoo and Conditioner gently remove all mineral build-up and impurities without stripping or drying strands. 

What heat technology do you recommend I use for heat styling?  

Ionic hair technology. There are many types of materials for stylers, such as ceramic and tourmaline, but industry experts recommend the miracle ionic technology for minimising damage from heat styling. These hairdryers and other thermal tools contain ions that separate water molecules through a negative charge in your wet hair. This makes the water evaporate quicker, so you’ll need less heat time on your hair to perfect your look. Ions also help strengthen the cuticles in your hair through a positive charge, making your hair less prone to breakage. Ionic technology is really a no brainer...   

Being knowledgeable about everything from the smallest details to what’s on the surface is imperative for any expert stylist who wants to impress and foster confidence in their abilities with their clients. Whenever you need assurance on anything hair, consult with professional stylists at your nearest salon as they have the expertise to answer these and other important questions

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