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Can you grow your hair faster?

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09 March 2018

“What’s the fastest way to grow hair?”

“What must I use to grow hair faster?”

“How to grow natural hair super-fast.”

“Home remedies for hair growth.”

Rather unsurprisingly, when it comes to online searches about hair, hair growth is one of the topic biggies. People want to know how to speed up growth for thicker, longer and more lustrous locks. And just as unsurprisingly, everyone has an opinion about how to make it happen.

Browse around the internet a bit and you’ll encounter such hair growth miracle cures as castor oil, egg masks, and all manner of high-protein and vitamin-rich treatments. Scalp massage is also punted as a growth booster.

For the record, the average rate of hair growth is 1.25 cm a month. Black women may be reading this right now, shaking their head and saying, “Nope, not me.” Actually, yes, you too! The only difference is that growth seems substantially less for African hair because of its intense coils. Your hair is still growing, but as the strands emerge from the scalp curled instead of straight, the length appears much shorter. It’s all a visual illusion.

Instead of listening to every armchair expert, and confusing ourselves with so much contradictory information, we turned to veteran haircare professionals for the scientifically proven truth about hair growth. Can you really speed it up, or is it another hair-related myth?

Rocky Bukasa, a Mizani brand educator, will only go so far as to offer hope for women who want long, healthier hair. “I won’t bore you with technical details but simply put, you definitely can have longer hair. To do this, you need to stop breakage, which is the number one reason we can’t really see increased hair length. Note that amongst other things breakage is caused by dryness, or because of hair strands being weak, so using the right products, like a deep, conditioning moisture treatment, is essential.”

There you have it. You can’t speed up hair growth (as much as you’d love to), but you can have healthier, stronger hair that resists breakage as it grows – so it inevitably looks longer. The best way to accomplish this is to follow a care routine recommended by a professional stylist. They have the expert knowledge and experience to help you achieve your hair growth goal, combined with the use of technologically advanced, well-tested products.

For a personalised hair diagnosis and regimen, make an appointment at your closest salon.

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