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How to care for an open wave hair type

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09 March 2018

When it comes to hair types, the open wave classification is a strange one. Listed as Type 2 on the Curl Type system, open wave comes across as an in-betweener. It’s neither very straight nor very curly, and is very common among Caucasian women.

On the plus side, open wave hair is not normally prone to tangles and excessive frizz. It’s pretty easy to manage, with loose waves only appearing towards the end of your hair. Plus, with hair cuticles that are only slightly raised, open wave hair catches the light more easily and tends to be naturally lustrous. The downside of this hair type, though, is its lack of volume. If you want to play up your waves, you have to work for it!

The first rule for women with open wave curls is to avoid heavy hair products at all cost. The reason for this is that the extra weight of dense creams and lotions can squash highly sought-after bounce right out of your locks.

If you’re trying to style gorgeous beach waves this summer, get your hands on Kérastase Spray à Porter via your nearest high-end salon. Applied to damp or dry hair, this texture spray encourages flexible, soft curls you can shape with your fingers or a curling iron. The formulation includes antioxidant vitamin E, and filters against UV and heat damage.

If your open wave hair is prone to frizz, Redken’s Curvaceous Wind Up Curly & Wavy Hair Reactivating Spray offers a useful combination of control and curl rejuvenation. This lightweight spray can be reapplied throughout the day and is specially designed to recharge the soft vibrancy of your waves.

Finally, the Biolage Styling range is a reliable staple for women who prioritise both volume and control. This line of blue-capped creams, lotions, sprays and mousses provides hold without sacrificing natural movement. Like the other products mentioned in this post, you can find professional Biolage Styling products in salons.

While you’re there, chat to a stylist about your hair type. Personalised advice from experts is the best way to ensure your hair looks and feels its best.

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