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Your Hair Type At A Glance

07 March 2018
Your hair type at a glance
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There’s some information that’s fun to know, but isn’t particularly useful – like identifying your star sign. Then there’s information with serious benefits. Like knowing your hair type. If you’ve committed to having healthier, more beautiful-looking hair in 2018, it pays to know your type. It’s the very first step in developing a better understanding of your hair’s specific needs, and then acting to optimally satisfy them.

There are multiple hair classification systems online, but perhaps the most useful is the one that focuses on curl type. At a glance you can see where you fall on the hair type spectrum. Find your match below!

Hair Types Chart

Great! Now that you know your type, you can read all about your hair’s characteristics here. Every hair type has its own strengths (so play them up!) and weaknesses (so work to minimise them!).

Like we said, knowing your type is a first step to better hair. This said, if you’re still unsure, or want a next-level professional analysis of your hair, book an appointment with your nearest expert stylist.

In addition to identifying your hair type, the stylist will be able to provide hands-on comment about your hair’s dryness (or oiliness), elasticity and porosity. The thorough diagnosis will also cover your hair treatment history, and include a scalp check. After all, you can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp.

Make that salon appointment today because information is power for positive change – and stunning hair that wins you all the compliments.

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