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The Pros And Cons Of Every Hair Type

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07 March 2018
The Pros And Cons Of Every Hair Type

The first step to beautiful-looking, healthy hair is understanding – understanding your hair type and its unique needs. It’s recommended you visit your nearest salon for a personalised diagnosis of your hair and scalp, as hands-on expert analysis is always best.

In the meantime, though, why not work out your hair type? Whether you have extremely straight locks, waves, loose curls or intense zigzag coils, it pays to know the characteristics (the good and the bad) of your hair type. After all, with more information, you can make better choices.

The L’Oréal Professionnel hair type system prioritises curl type as a straightforward starting point for categorisation. Let’s check it out:

Type 1: Straight to Minimal Wave

This frizz-resistant hair type is known for being extremely sleek and shiny, due to a ready supply of scalp oils, and closed cuticles that readily catch the light. The downside of this type is that it lacks volume and can struggle to hold curls. It’s also prone to oiliness.

Type 2: Open wave

This in-between hair type is neither perfectly straight or particularly curly. It has more volume than Type 1 but can easily be flattened by heavy products. With hair growing down from the scalp, waves are most noticeable towards the hair ends. It’s another frizz-resistant hair type.

Type 3: Wavy

With this hair type, waves are more overt and fall vertically in loose S-shape curls. Hair cuticles are slightly to fully raised. This results in a rougher strand texture. It also means Type 3 is more prone to frizz, dullness and moisture loss through the hair shaft than straighter hair.

Type 4: Curly

Curly hair has a lot of volume and bounce, and tends to poof away from the face instead of falling straight down. Due to this type’s raised cuticles, it’s more susceptible to frizz, and curls can look dull without proper nourishing care. Conditioning products are essential.

Type 5: Very curly

With very curly hair, hair strands are densely packed, spiralled and elastic. The same problems associated with Type 4 curly hair are amplified, as the coarser, porous hair is likely to frizz and tangle with greater frequency. Caucasian, African and mixed-race women may all have natural Type 5 hair.

Type 6: Coiled

Type 6 hair, like Type 7 and 8, is often associated with women of African descent. These “fluffy” curls can be described as kinky and tight. They grow up and away from the scalp, and enjoy more movement than Type 7 and 8 curls. Despite looking wiry, this hair type is fragile, and prone to frizz, tangles and breakage.

Type 7: Very coiled

With this type, hair starts to curl into tight coils directly from the scalp. Individual curls are difficult to identify because hair is so compacted. Despite a tendency to tangle and break, Type 7 hair is notable for being more pliable, and holds styles because of its general immobility.

Type 8: Zigzag coiled

The difference between Type 7 and Type 8 curls is subtle. Type 8 is the most tightly coiled hair type, with strands bending in a sharply angled Z-shape. Hair body is compact with no movement. Due to chronic dryness, zigzag coils require lots of moisturising care and a regular detangling routine.

Diversity of hair types

Whatever the pros and cons of your hair type, you don’t ever need to short change yourself in terms of premium haircare. Kérastase, drawing on the expertise of L’Oréal Advanced Research scientists and partner stylists, has crafted sophisticated collections both effective and tangibly luxurious. From anti-frizz protection sprays to nutritional balms for extremely dry scalp and hair, exclusive personalised solutions are available at your favourite salon.

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