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How to pull off a curly braid look

21 September 2018
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Ever wanted to change up your braid style because you got bored of the same dead straight singles over and over again? You’ll be happy to know curly and wavy braids are making a comeback to shake up our favourite braided styles. There are several methods to get curly braids, and most recommend boiling water as the best way to curl the hairpiece. Here are some easy-to-do, related techniques.  

Braid out

This method involves braiding singles into each other to make bigger braids, and ultimately form curls. Begin by sectioning your head of single braids into three parts. Then use the singles of each section and braid them into each other to form larger braids. Next, dip the ends of each big braid in hot water and allow them to set for an hour. Finally, unravel the big braids back into individual smaller braids and you should see ends fully curled.    


This is probably the most common method of curling any hair, including braids. Begin by gathering three single braids at a time and twisting a roller up into the braids until you reach mid-strand. Repeat this until your entire head is covered in rollers. Next, dip each rolled section in hot water for a few minutes, then gently dry with a towel. Finally, untwist the rollers and watch your hair fall into gorgeous curls. 


With this interesting method, a thread is pulled through the braids like a drawstring bag to create the curl. Gather individual braids in fives and begin wrapping the thread over the braids, starting from the mid-section right down to the ends. After wrapping the braids, make sure there’s an extra bit of hanging thread remaining. Once the ends are wrapped, pull on the remaining hanging thread until the braids squeeze into each other to form a clump of braids. Dip the clump into boiling water for a few minutes and pat dry with a towel. Finally, use scissors to cut the thread and let the newly curled braids unravel. 

Curled and wavy braids keep your style more youthful, and make a statement in any setting, day or night. And if you don’t have the patience to pull them off yourself, you can always visit your nearest salon to get a custom, curly-braided look for your specific style – handled by a professional. 
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