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How to confidently braid your curls

13 December 2018
African woman with braids in ponytail
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Insta-bloggers, stylists and social media influencers are often parading trendy braided hairstyles for African women. Black braided hairstyles have become the go-to safety net and spritzed up versions of hairdos that are perfect for every occasion, from every day to bridal hairstyles.


The trick to rocking braids for black women is in the execution. Braided hairstyles require precision, skill and expertise. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for DIY or visiting your favourite stylist.


Unfortunately for most peeps, African hair braiding is something you sort of pickup along the way and do your best to mimic. That’s until now. Prepare to get a crash course tutorial on braiding like a pro.


Step 1: Divide your hair into sections

The first step to mastering black African braids is to use a comb to part your hair into four (or more) sections depending on your intended hairstyle. Make a quick two strand twist on the sections you won’t be working on immediately.


Step 2: Smooth out your hair using your fingers

Braided styles for black women work best when you prep your hair first with a conditioning product such as Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, a light leave-in conditioner which will help detangle the frizz and enhance the shine. Then smooth your hair out as best you can using your fingers. Don’t work on frizzy hair, rather give it some good TLC before you do your thing. Divide your hair into three and start braiding.


Step 3: Braiding 101

To braid, you should overlap each of the three strands of hair one section at a time. Work as close to the hairline as possible. If you want a cute curl, use the Dutch braid technique. That's what you’d use for cornrows. The braids using this technique lift off the scalp as opposed to when using a French braid.


Step 4: Learn and master the techniques

There are several braided hairstyles for women, and each may opt for a unique technique. To master the Dutch braid, when you work with your three strands of hair, make sure that the middle section is placed over the outside partitions. Repeat this process, gradually adding outside pieces until you are done.


Bear in mind that the tighter and smaller the braids and sections you add at a time, the “curlier” your hair will be once you release your braids. Braided hairstyles for black women with natural hair can require some tension, which can promote breakage, so be extra careful especially when working with wet hair or applying heat to straighten it out. Braided styles for women are so hot right now! Just use these handy tips and a spritz of Dark and Lovely Braid Spray to keep your braids from drying out, and voila!
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