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How To Care For And Control Type 5 Very Curly Hair

09 March 2018
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While Type 5 very curly hair is unique, and the envy of a lot of women out there, it takes a lot of TLC to control the frizz and tangles that come with it. The good news is that there’s so much you can do to get the best out of your curls, and all you need is a little inspiration and the right products.

Shower simplicity

Despite what you’ve heard, the best way to wash and condition your hair (besides at a salon) is to keep your curls pointing down. The more you fiddle, the more likely your hair is to frizz, so simply let the shower water run down the length of your hair instead of washing it upside down.

Moisturising is key

Because of the evaporation that takes place while your hair is drying, your hair goes from soft, plump and supple to dry and frizzy, which is why using an ultra-hydrating shampoo is important. Mizani’s Puriphying Intense Cleansing Shampoo is an emollient-rich, acidic wash that conditions and smooths the cuticle while removing dirt. It provides an infusion of moisture and protein that allows for flexible movement of the curls.

Divide and conquer

The best way to ensure that a product reaches every strand is to divide your hair into different sections. Use clips to hold hair out of the way and start at the back of your head, working your way forward. This way, you’re able to apply the product from the roots all the way to the ends with ease, working on one section at a time.

Strength in numbers

Because of all the twists and turns, very curly hair can be fragile and delicate, so it’s worth investing in a product that strengthens your curls while working as a styling aid. Mizani True Textures ® Curl Define Pudding was created specifically to encourage hair health and strength, along with greater manageability. It provides nourishment and restores shine, leaving your curls feeling as good as new.

Apply when wet

When you begin styling your locks, make sure your hair is still wet. Don’t bother towel drying after you’ve stepped out the shower, instead grab an old t-shirt to squeeze out any excess water. Apply your styling products to your wet curls and use your fingers as a brush for a look that suits you.

Curl definition

What good is curly hair if you’re not going to flaunt what you’ve got? Pump up your hair, loosen up those pesky knots and perk up your curls with Mizani Texturizer pHorce and Mizani True Textures ® Style Refresher Milk, which smooths, conditions and hydrates hair, leaving it softer, shinier and full of va-va-voom!

When it comes to making the most out of your very curly hair, visiting a stylist is your best bet! Not only will they know the kind of products that’ll complement your unique head of hair, they’ll be able to style you silly, leaving you feeling like you’ve stepped out onto the red carpet, and guide you on how to manage your own hair going forward.

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