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Hair combs for each hair type

24 May 2018
Different hair combs
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For some people, hair brushing is a therapeutic routine that brings it much joy. For others, it’s a real chore! No matter which one you are, if there’s ever a clump of hair left on your hairbrush after grooming, or you find it particularly difficult to manage, it may not necessarily be your hair that’s the problem, but rather your hairbrush. So, we’re looking at the eight different hair types and the best hairbrush for each. 

Type 1: Straight to Minimal Wave

For ultra-straight Type 1 hair, a nylon bristled hairbrush is for you! These bristles are thick and offer more control, they’re also great for taming thick hair where softer bristles would add unnecessary frizz. Nylon brushes are a triple threat best known for their ability to detangle, groom and style. 

Type 2: Open Wave

A mixture of nylon and boar bristles is your best bet, should you have Type 2 hair. While the nylon bristles detangle your hair, the boar bristles will distribute your hair’s natural oils and smooth the cuticle. This is great for maintaining your open waves and eliminating frizz. 

Type 3: Wavy

The Denman brush is a popular tool when it comes to detangling hair, which makes it ideal for wavy-haired girls. It’s perfect for defining those waves, prevents static, and it has adjustable bristles that can be changed to suit your style. 

Type 4: Curly 

A big misconception in the curly-haired community is that their hair can’t be brushed. We’re here to bust that myth! While curls are challenging and not the easiest to handle, a wooden-bristled brush can tackle them all. They won’t separate curls, but will eliminate frizz and the bristles are less likely to break your hair when combing.

Type 5: Very Curly 

A good ol’ comb is best for Type 5 hair because of its ability to keep tighter curls intact and minimise breakage. A wide-toothed comb is particularly good for handling very curly hair, and is most effective when used while hair is wet. Combing also encourages hair to grow because it loosens and removes dead skin from the scalp. 

Type 6: Coiled

When it comes to coiled hair, a good detangling brush is what you’ll need. While its plastic bristles are firm enough to tackle your curls, they’re gentle enough not to cause any breakage. These brushes are great for adding volume to dry hair and detangling knots whether your hair is wet or dry.

Type 7: Very Coiled

Rubber cushion brush, meet very coiled hair – you two will get along just fine! The best brush for gentle grooming, it’s perfect for stimulating your hair’s natural oils and distributing them over the whole head. If you’re looking to straighten your coils, this brush is your best bet to achieve a smooth, shiny look.

Type 8: ZigZag Coiled

Fortunately, those with Type 8 hair have their very own hair accessory designed just for them! The afro comb is the best way to achieve that perfectly rounded ball that’s smooth from very angle. Because the teeth are usually plastic, they’re also gentle on the hair, making brushing a breeze.

Bet you didn’t think there were so many varieties on the market? Well, now you know! For a hair brush that best suits your hair type, best chat to a professional. They’ll be able to recommend a product that’ll bring the best out of your unique head of hair. 
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