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Curly hair 101: how to look after your locks

17 July 2017
Woman in a hair salon with mid-length curly hair
Nicole Vince

Nicole Vince

Hair journalist

Nicole is a hair and beauty journalist with a particular fondness for the latest bright hair colours. There isn't a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

Matthieu Séguier in his hairsalon

Everyone with curly tresses has undoubtedly been called lucky for having such beautiful hair at least once. Although you may not believe this to be true given the trying nature of curly hair, if you look after it right, your locks will reward you. Keep scrolling to get the A-Z on curls from Matthieu Séguier, French hairstylist working in partnership with Kérastase, so that you can stop being defeated by the nature of your hair and instead embrace its natural beauty!

The anatomy of the curl

It’s true that curls can be temperamental, frizzy and unpredictable, but they can also be elegant, voluminous and defined – as long as you know how to treat their unique composition. The reason for the difficult maintenance of curly hair is its shape: as explained by Matthieu, “The curlier the hair, the more oval the strand. This causes hair to become flat and fragile, leading it to break easier.” Curly tresses are also often very dry, adding to this predicament. As a result, curly hair requires a tailored regimen.

How to discipline the curl

“A beautiful curl is one that is well-defined, keeps its shape and looks healthy,” reveals Matthieu Séguier. To obtain this desired curl, Matthieu strongly recommends using a mask adapted to curly hair instead of a conditioner after shampooing, because it will provide the intense level of hydration and nutrition that your curls are in need of. For example, Kérastase Discipline Maskeratine provides maximum frizz control, extreme softness and protection against blowdry damage thanks to its pro-keratin formula.


Expert tip: “Once you have untangle your curly hair using a mask, do not comb it otherwise you will risk breaking your hair and causing frizz,” divulges Matthieu.

Too voluminous vs too flat

Curly hair comes in two forms: either it is voluminous and difficult to tame, or it’s too flat and you struggle to boost it.


Matthieu’s advice for uncontrollable curls: For maximum control, it’s ideal to wash your hair every night and use a mask. Your hair has has to dry naturally, so the evening is preferable to the morning as you will have more time. “However, if you do go to bed with your hair wet, make sure you place your curls above your head on the pillow. Your curls will dry in their original shape, giving you better control the next morning,” explains Matthieu.


Matthieu’s advice for flat curls: If you have flat curls, it’s better to wash your hair every morning (shampoo and conditioner or mask according to the needs of the hair) and then use a mousse to add the volume you desire, such as Kérastase Mousse Curl Ideal. “It’s better to do this in the morning rather than when you go to bed as when you sleep on your curls, they are flat the next day,” reveals Matthieu.

Matthieu Séguier bio: Whether it’s your eye colour, skin complexion or face shape, Matthieu Séguier will pick out your most important features to base your hairstyle around. Not only does he ooze with passion and possess the rare gift to see the bigger picture, he will take all the time necessary to make sure you leave his salon looking amazing.

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