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Care for your unruly curls with Kérastase

30 October 2018
thick frizzy hair
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While you may feel hard done by with your naturally curly mane, others would kill for the body and movement you were born with. Sure, unruly curls are the worst, but the good news is there are products out there suited to your particular hair texture, making your haircare regime more enjoyable and styling a breeze. We vote Kérastase when it comes to getting the best out of your hair and these products are sure to spark your interest. 

Kérastase Discipline Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal

Kerastase cleansing conditioner
WHO: Perfect for women with unruly curls looking for shape and definition, as well as effective cleansing and nourishing sans additives. 

WHAT: Its Pro-Kératin and Elastin properties strengthen torsion points, improve fibre elasticity and smooth the hair surface while cationic and amphoteric surfactants gently remove impurities. 

HOW: Apply evenly to the scalp, working the product through just the top of your hair using circular movements. Once rinsed, repeat the process, including the ends of your hair. Leave in for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Kérastase Discipline Masque Curl Idéal

Kerastase masque ideal
WHO: If you fall under the category of over-voluminous curly hair and you’re looking for mass reduction and root control, this product is for you.

WHAT: This hair mask is best known for its ability to reduce volume and control frizz while enabling fibre suppleness and strength. It too contains Pro-Kératin and Elastin properties, but also includes silicone needed to tame that mane. 

HOW: Apply onto the lengths and ends of your hair once it’s washed and damp. Massage through your hair and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. 

Kérastase Discipline Crème Oléo-Curl

kerastase oleo curl
WHO: Ideal for those of you with unruly locks looking for definition and relaxed curls, this product encourages curl shape and definition without rigidity. 

WHAT: This hair cream promotes relaxed and supple curls with a treated hair touch and includes anti-frizz properties. What makes this product even more worthwhile is that it features Xylose, a thermoprotective agent for during heat styling.  

HOW: Apply to washed, damp hair. Use on the lengths and ends of your strands, working downwards to relax those curls. This is a leave-in product so there’s no need for rinsing. 

Kérastase Discipline Mousse Curl Idéal

WHO: Looking for definition and bounce? This one’s for you! Enjoy perfect curl shape and springy, frizz-free locks.

WHAT: While smoothing the hair surface and improving fibre elasticity, this hair mousse also contains glucose, which gives shape and definition to curls; as well as glycerin, which softens the hair and gives it that well-cared-for touch. 

HOW: This is another leave-in product that doesn’t require any rinsing. Apply to the lengths and ends of your hair, gently crunching the curls up and in-between your fingers as you do it. 

Just when you thought you’d have to spend another evening detangling your brush from your curls, Kérastase came to the rescue! Be sure to chat to a hair professional before making your in-salon purchase though – they’ll be able to advise on the best products for your unique hair texture.
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