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3 tips to wash textured hair like a pro

13 December 2018
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Thought you were the only one who hates having to wash your hair? Join the club! It’s definitely one of the more tedious tasks, especially when you have a harder-to-handle, textured mane. Fortunately, there are now not only products available to make cleansing your ‘do that much easier, there are also a range of things you can do to better the experience before you take to the shower. Take a look!


Wash it Less

We know it’s a hard-and-fast rule that women suffering from greasy hair should reduce the amount of times they wash it. The same goes for those with curly, textured hair – not only to prevent build-up and greasy locks, but also because you don’t want to strip your hair of any of its natural oils. It’s recommended that you only give your mane a good clean once a week to be safe. You’re sure to notice how much more manageable your hair will be by doing so.


Don’t Skimp on Conditioner

A good conditioner is known for its ability to soften unruly curls leaving you with moisturised locks that are far easier to style. This is particularly true for textured-haired girls looking to better their cleansing routine. The trick here is to apply your conditioner like you would your shampoo. By this we mean applying it to your entire head, massaging it into your scalp, despite what you’ve been taught about only applying it to your ends. Doing this will help remove any product build-up and will leave your hair feeling refreshed and soft to the touch. We love Mizani True Textures Cream Cleansing Conditioner. It’s a one-step shampoo-and-conditioner in one that helps to retain moisture while maintaining the natural curl pattern of your hair.


Pay Attention to your Scalp

A healthy scalp makes for healthy hair so it’s super-important to give it the attention it needs. Having said that, we know how difficult it can be to really get in there, especially when thick, textured hair gets in the way. The best way to handle this is to part your hair into smaller sections, concentrating on each as you go. Use your fingers to massage the exposed areas, and remember to be gentle! After rinsing you’ll immediately notice a difference in the way your hair feels and falls.

The trick here is to apply your conditioner like you would your shampoo.

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