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Your biggest considerations when picking a wedding hairstyle

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28 August 2018
Your biggest considerations when picking a wedding hairstyle : woman with Afro wedding style

Planning a wedding can be a joyous occasion, or it can turn you into a stressed-out bridezilla. The number of decisions you’ll have to make can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry – when decision fatigue kicks in and you have no idea where to start on your hairstyle, we’ve got you. Here’s a list of what to consider before picking your wedding hairstyle. Let it be your guide to narrowing down your options and picking the perfect “I Do” hairdo.

Dress neckline

Wedding gowns are often inspired by the shapes and silhouettes of the neckline. Dresses with necklines that are high collar, halter and backless will complement hairstyles that are thrown into a twisted updo or a modern chignon. This will also ensure the full beauty of the dress is on display, and not hidden beneath your hair.


We’re talking about the jewelled tiaras of your childhood dreams, trendy flower crowns and other headpieces that might be attached to your veil. This is an important consideration because the headpiece you end up choosing needs to be secured by your hairstyle. If you’re going for a slicked-back, subtle ponytail, your options will be far more limited than if you go for a curly up do that can play host to just about anything you feel like wearing on your head for your special day.

Hair length

This will determine the options available to you on the day. Longer hair will allow for more elaborate styles, simply because you’ve got more to play with. But don’t fret, short-haired girls! This can be achieved with braids, weaves or extensions if you don’t have time to grow your hair. Don’t brush off the option of short hair though, some of the most elegant hairstyles are pinned back afros and sharp pixie cuts.


Are you the type of person who lives to experiment and take risks, or are you more on the quiet and reserved side? Probably the most important decision you’ll make is to stay true to who you are instead of chasing trends. Don’t feel pressured to follow trends but rather let your own style shine through.

Your stylist

This is one of the most important days of your life, so you can’t allow just anyone to do your hair. The trusted stylist who’s always saved your hair during those countless emergencies should be your wedding-day best friend. Only trust the hands of a stylist who knows your hair type and its condition, and one who can also double as your advisor.

Whatever style you choose to walk down the aisle with, don’t forget to go for a trial with your stylist, and bring along a picture of your wedding dress too. This will be your final consideration to see if you’ve made the right decision and to ensure a well-executed, cohesive look.

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