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Wedding guest hairstyles made easy

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31 October 2018
Wedding guest hairstyles made easy  : woman with short cute hair style

If only finding bridal hairstyles were as easy as spotting the perfect pair of shoes. Unfortunately, choosing trendy African hairstyles is not as intuitive, and it gets even trickier when you are attending as a guest. You don’t want to outshine the bride, but you need to respect the everlasting union. Here’s what our experts have to say to help you rock that special occasion ‘do.


Keep it short and simple with the slicked-down look

Finding short hair wedding styles is downright complicated. Yet you can’t go wrong with short hairstyles that showcase the innate beauty of natural hair. Such simple natural hairstyles can be elevated by adding a touch of sparkle with elegant accessories, barrettes and/or jewels for an on-trend look.


Wedding guest hairstyles made easy: updo

The “African phondo” reincarnated

 This hair bun forms the core of the ultimate black wedding hairstyles for guests. Our experts recommend that instead of the usual “phondo” (bun knot), you should go for a trendier way of rocking this style. We love the sky-high top knot near the crown of your head, as well as the messy bun. 
Wedding guest hairstyles made easy

Just let it happen

The new trend when it comes to wedding hairstyles for African natural hair is… not to follow trends. This works particularly well with short natural hair. Don’t style your hair. It is enough. Just like the uniqueness of your eyes or the curves on your body, the waves of your hair reflect the African rhythm within. Give the goddess in you unrestricted freedom. Embrace that afro and those curls as is.



The trick to mastering a wedding hairstyle is to keep your hairdo subtle. Whether you prefer a long or short hairstyle, stick with something that makes you smile. Only you can challenge the “how-to” guides with the confidence that comes from great-looking hair, supported by salon-quality haircare brands and products.

Wedding guest hairstyles made easy:  natural curly hair
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Wedding guest hairstyles made easy  : woman with short cute hair style
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