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Up, down or in-between - Which wedding hairstyle is for you?

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21 September 2018
Up, down or in-between - Which wedding hairstyle is for you? : woman with ponytail black hair hat

One of the best things about weddings today is that there are no rules, no expectations. You’re free to make your special day unique to you. That applies to your hair too. This said, at some point you’ll have to make a choice between wearing your hair up, down or somewhere in-between – with a very contemporary half-up-half-down style. Here are some considerations that may help you make a decision. 

Hair up

Having your hair up for a wedding is a classic and classy choice. It really works for anyone, whether you have long, medium or short hair – or even if you’re choosing between natural and weave. The style options are also vast, ranging from buns and chignons to halo braids and an assortment of curled, creative updos (not to mention the accessory potential).  Wearing your hair up is pretty much a safe bet for women who worry about their hair losing its volume and vibrancy over the course of the day. Just avoid any styles that are too tight, slicked down and severe. 

Hair down

Wearing your hair down is a style that celebrates long hair and is often paired with gorgeous waves and curls. A serious consideration here is the wedding setting. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outside, and it’s breezy, you may soon end up looking wind-blasted and wild, unless certain taming precautions are taken. One other concern with this wedding hairstyle choice: avoid it if you have a long face as it will only emphasise the length of your features.


A favourite with braiding enthusiasts, a half-up-half-down style on your big day offers the best of both worlds: the free-spirited romance of wearing your hair loose, but also some of the fuss-free control of an updo. Although women with medium-length hair have many up-down options, longer hair lets you fully embrace its versatility. These styles are also not so great if your locks are prone to frizz, but there are professional-standard products to eliminate that concern – like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni.ART Fix Anti-Frizz Spray.

Regardless of the overall style you’re leaning towards, one final thing to think about is the neckline of your dress Choosing a wedding hairstyle based on your neckline as you want your hair and outfit to work together instead of competing for attention. Ultimately though, whatever you choose, you should feel comfortable – and like you’re rightly celebrating you.

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