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South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018

28 August 2018
South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018 : woman with blown out hair floral head band
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Getting married is undoubtedly one of life’s most memorable moments. Because the occasion is so special – and all loved ones are watching – brides, unsurprisingly, want to look their best – and that applies to their hair too.


But in some ways, choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle is even harder than choosing the perfect wedding dress. Should a bride opt for a cascading mane or classic updo for their big ‘I do’? What about a natural hairstyle or a luxurious weave to make that long aisle feel like a fashion runway of confidence instead? The options and variations on offer are seemingly endless, which makes the whole affair of selecting the right ‘do unnecessarily stressful.


If you have wedding bells on the horizon this year, don’t worry about choosing the right African hairstyle to rock on your special day. Sit back and relax, because we’ve narrowed down your choices to 5 popular hairstyles, perfect for bridal beauty.


1. The Versatile Updo


If you want a traditional look, you can’t go wrong with a classic updo. Be sure to round off your timeless appearance with flowers or graceful jewelry. You can of course, go for a more modern or fantasy interpretation if desired, similar to the gorgeous short hair wedding style below.

South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018 : wedding day pin up hair

2. The Braided Bun

Bun hairstyles too, are classic. Give an ordinary bun look an elegant spin with African braids. Add pretty accessories or a headband for your own personal touch.

South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018 : woman with braided bun hair

3. The Statement Afro


Marriage itself is a big statement – you’re committing to somebody for the rest of your life. Why not symbolise the size of your pledge with a matching hairstyle? Afros are big, bold, and of course, beautiful. Be sure to take good care of your afro while you’re at it.

South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018 : woman with short afro wedding do

4. The Striking Short

If you’ve got short hair, there’s no need to spend months growing it out for the big day. Short hairstyles are picture-perfect and modern, and when paired with the right veil, simply stunning. Feel free to experiment with hair accessories until you find what suits you best.


South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018 : wedding couple

5. The Expressive Sculpt

If you’re going all out on your special day, why not go for something that’s undoubtedly one-of-a-kind? Sculpted hairstyles allow brides to truly express themselves in unique ways, with waves, swirls, curves, and whatever else floats their boat.

South Africa's top wedding hair trends for 2018 : woman with wedding day bun pin up

If none of the above bridal hairstyles tickle your fancy, you know there’s only one option left, right? And that’s to pay the experts a visit at your favourite hair salon. They’ll be able to recommend the best look to go with your dream dress, as well as suggest products that’ll keep your locks healthy and happy for the special day and beyond.

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