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Gorgeous African braid styles for your bridesmaids

19 September 2018
Gorgeous African braid styles for your bridesmaids : woman with twisted long hair
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While your wedding day is most certainly about your own hair and wedding gown, a lot of what makes it a day to remember is the very gals you’ve chosen to stand by your side. They too deserve to look and feel beautiful on your special day, so we’ve narrowed down a few braided hairstyles you should consider for your bridesmaids. 

Halo Twist Braid

 This twisted look is both natural and elegant, and a great way to pull hair away from the face. Typically, this look is secured tightly, allowing for little movement. We, however, prefer a more relaxed feel where the braids sit loosely on your head, allowing for a few strands to hang free. A good finishing spray will do wonders to maintain this ‘messy’ look without leaving it feeling stiff. Try Mizani’s Lightweight Texture Finishing Spray for a natural-looking hold.

Braided Top Bun

A great option for women with longer braids, this style ensures that they won’t get in your way. It’s as simple and pulling your braids up until you reached your desired height then securing with either an elastic band or a glitzy headpiece. The last thing you want is for your braids to irritate your scalp, so we suggest Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale Scalp Soother that’ll relieve the tightness and itching caused from braiding.

Gorgeous African braid styles for your bridesmaids : woman with braided bun

Goddess Braids

Here you’ll mix plaits of different sizes into a braided hairstyle for a look that exudes elegance and beauty. The results are different patterns that turn a simple braided ‘do into something spectacular. Add gold or silver hair accessories to finish off the look. Before you braid up your mane, use Redken’s Fragrances All Soft Shampoo that softens dry, brittle or coarse hair. Ideal for when you remove your braids, too!

Gorgeous African braid styles for your bridesmaids : woman with thick side cornrow braids

Chunky Braids

In this case, the bigger, the better! Chunky braids are a gorgeous way to let your locks hang free without them getting in the way. They’re also a timeless style because of their simplicity and their ability to pair perfectly with any outfit, in this case, a bridesmaid’s dress. Again, before embracing this ‘do – give your hair some TLC with Kérastase Nutritive Masque Magistral, a deep-penetration nutrition treatment mask for dried-out hair.

Gorgeous African braid styles for your bridesmaids : woman with conrows braded long

So, with your girls looking on point, all that’s left for you to do is to embrace every moment of your special day!

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