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Five medium-length options for your wedding day

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20 September 2018
Five medium-length options for your wedding day : wedding day ponytail with hair clip
So, your hair’s in that weird in-between phase where it’s not considered short, but certainly not long either. And with the big day around the corner you’re feeling less than inspired. We get you! What you don’t realise, however, is just how much you can pull off if you have medium-length hair, especially when it comes to your wedding day. Here are a few of our favourite looks that’ll have you saying ‘I Do’ in no time!

1. The Messy Chignon

 This hairstyle is easy to do and oh-so-romantic! It’s a simple case of rolling the hair over and securing with a glitzy hairpiece, either for show, or to help secure your locks. Allow for a few strands to hang loose around your face for an effortless look he’ll remember forever.
Five medium-length options for your wedding day : wedding day hair blonde hair

2. Side Swept Curls

This classic swept-to-the-side look is a perfect way to get the best out of your hair length. Keep the top straight and sleek, allowing the bottom to fall into soft curls, before sweeping to whichever side you choose. Add a flower hairpiece and you’ll be a true vision in white.

3. The Bouffant Updo 

There’s a reason this hairstyle has made it through the decades. It’s elegant, it accentuates your facial features and it’s easily achieved if you have medium-length hair. Height is everything with this ‘do so don’t be shy to take things to a new level, literally.

4. Vintage Pin Curls

While this look takes a bit of practice, when done right, pin curls can look as romantic as they did back in the day. These curls have a bit more structure to them and require a whole lot of hairspray, but are well worth it! This look is particularly effective if you’re going for a vintage-styled wedding. 
Five medium-length options for your wedding day : wedding day curling ponytail

5. Wispy Updo

Brides with relaxed hair should really embrace this updo that, while messy, shouts sophistication! It’ll allow your hair to be out of your face and won’t weigh down on your head while you’re practicing your princess twirl in your dress. Flowers are then a perfect addition, sure to complete this gorgeous look. 
Five medium-length options for your wedding day : retro wedding hair african
And here you thought you didn’t have any options! To get the most out of your medium-length hair, make sure to visit a professional, equipped to have you feeling like Cinderella at the ball. Got no one in mind? Try our Salon Locator for someone in your vicinity. 
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