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DIY vs professional for your wedding day hair

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30 October 2018
DIY vs professional for your wedding day hair : woman with long tonged hair style
Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying it. As such you may be looking for every opportunity to save a buck where you can – ferreting out bargains, making do with what you have and cutting out unnecessary luxuries, without compromising on the experience of your big day. Given the move to more casual, natural hairstyles for brides, you may be tempted to forgo a professional stylist and just do your hair yourself – or at least recruit a family member, like a trusty hair-obsessed aunt, to wield the brush, straightener and pins on your behalf.

Getting someone in your circle to do your bridal hair has one major advantage: the cost savings. However, there is a very strong case to be made for putting aside the money early on and booking a professional stylist to master your locks on your wedding day.

1. Expert knowledge

Stylists have been there before. Chances are, they’ve worked dozens if not hundreds of weddings, developing more knowledge through first-hand experience and client accounts than any bride-to-be is likely to have. For example, they’ll be able to walk you through the full list of wedding hair considerations and provide tips on how to keep your hair looking its best through the day’s festivities. They may even have some bonus general “wedding hack” advice to ensure your day runs smoothly. 

2. Advanced styling skills

Getting your auntie to do your hair may sound like a great idea… until it comes time to pull off that French fishtail braid. In addition to expert knowledge, a reputable styling professional will have the hands-on skills to realise the look you have in mind – no matter how complicated. It’s what they’re trained to do, after all.

3. All the right tools and products
Whether they’re styling your hair in the salon, or on-site at your wedding venue, a professional stylist will come equipped with everything they need to make you look spectacular. We’re talking professional-quality brushes, clips, hairpieces, styling equipment and salon-exclusive, high-quality products to optimise and set your look all day. Unless your bestie is in the industry, her bag of elastics, budget straightener and supermarket-bought hair gel is probably going to fall short in terms of meeting your needs. 

4. Trade stress for pampering

There’s enough to worry about on your wedding day. Hiring a professional stylist means one less element of stress. For a few hours you can just settle back, enjoy a scalp massage and indulge a little during the beautification stage. Not only will you feel as well taken care of as a princess, but typically your hairdresser will style your bridal party as well. Trust us, your bridesmaids will appreciate the pampering too.

It may not be the only way to do things, but turning to hair professionals for your wedding comes loaded with extra value you can’t really put a price point on.  Set aside the budget early on, make an appointment with your stylist of choice to discuss and trial-run your look, and you’ll be one step closer to looking flawless on your wedding day. 
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