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Why isn’t that short cut working for you?

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22 August 2019
Why isn’t that short cut working for you?

Some ladies feel a heavy sense of regret when trading their long locks in for a shorter, sleeker hairstyle. They may feel as though the new natural ‘do isn’t doing them any favours. This reaction is totally normal and common among women who have gone for an extreme chop after years of having much longer hair. Below, we look at a few reasons why that shorter cut doesn’t seem to be working for you and how to improve it.


You weren’t 100% committed to the change

If you cut your hair on a whim or simply did it to be trendy, you’re much more likely to wonder whether you made the right decision. According to Richard Nienaber from Redken, “Clients need to be 100% committed to a big change and cannot have any uncertainty surrounding it.”

When in doubt, wait it out. However, if you’ve already taken the plunge and had the chop, you might as well embrace it with the knowledge that it will grow back soon enough. During the waiting period, spruce up your eye makeup look, to draw focus to the right places!


You may need to go even shorter

Some ladies are nervous about going all the way when it comes to shorter styles, so they may ask their stylists to keep some extra length wherever possible, think bob hairstyles, for example. While this is fine at first when you’re still getting used to a shorter ‘do, you’ll often find that the shorter you go, the better you’ll look.

“Often, clients present the stylists with a picture of a short natural hairstyle and ask if it could be kept a touch longer. The problem with this is that the cut doesn’t sit as well as it should, because shorter styles have ideal lengths that just work better when it comes to styling,” explains Richard.


You’re not using the right products

Great haircare products are a must for all hair lengths and types, even more so for women with shorter styles. Richard recommends a texturising hair paste in the form of long-lasting Redken Texturize Rough Paste 12 Working Material, a styling paste in the form of a medium-hold Redken Texturize Rewind 06 Pliable Styling Paste, and a creamy paste in the form of a lightweight, shine-enhancing Redken Flex Mess Around 10 Disrupting Cream-Paste. All of these products will make it so much easier for you to rock your style-savvy cut with confidence.

If you’re ever keen to improve on your shorter hairstyle in any way, it’s always important to head to a reputable stylist – and don’t be afraid to ask for hair advice.

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