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Short Hairstyles

Very short hairstyles: In or out?

09 March 2018
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The warmer months are a fantastic time for experimentation with your hair – especially if you have intensely coiled African hair. But what about making a daring move, and instead of trying to grow your hair, you freshen up your look with a major cut? Dare you try very short hairstyles for African hair? Admittedly, shaved cuts come with a stigma in some circles. Too bland. Too masculine. Too dependent on head shape. We advise that you forget the naysayers. Shaved is both fierce and functional.

Hashtag Hear Her Roar!

Hanson Ndabeni, Dark and Lovely brand educator, confirms this with his expert opinion. “Not only can short and shaved be fashionable, but short looks are considered low maintenance, bold and, most of all, empowering. They are versatile and perfect for every occasion. Plus, they draw lots of attention with their uniqueness.”

Perhaps the biggest practical benefit of very short hairstyles for women – including undercuts – is that they’re a cooler option for summer – literally! Unlike weaves, which can smother your natural locks and make your head feel sweaty and uncomfortable, short cuts let your hair and scalp breathe more easily.

Before you get your stylist to pick up the scissors or razor though, there are a few things to consider. Hanson explains, “It’s important to consider factors such as your face shape, features, and especially personality. Also, find a style that works with your natural hair type and growth pattern. The less you work against your hair, the less stressed it will be. Many times, women complain that they don’t like their hairstyle because it makes their face look ‘funny’. Well, that’s the consequence of not choosing the right cut or style.”

The bottom line: If you’re considering a very short style, consult with a stylist. He or she will be able to advise on your best option.

And before that salon trip, get some more short style inspiration and care tips by reading this sister Salon Secret article.

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