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Unpacking the undercut

04 October 2018
side path hair
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Flowing locks and long hair were once considered the ultimate hair goal for most women because they were accepted as the most feminine. This was until edgy cuts made their way into mainstream culture and showed that shaved hair is not as scary as we thought. Now, this traditionally masculine hairstyle is getting a feminine touch with these styles.  

Long hair cut

If you’re afraid to commit to shaving your long precious locks, then go for the long hair undercut. One side of the head is shaved while you continue to enjoy long wavy hair on the other side. Alternatively, hide your undercut underneath your hair so it’s only visible when you tie up your tresses.
blonde brushed in a path


If you practically live in top knot styles and keep your hair in an updo, this undercut is for you.  Create an almost permanent ponytail with shaved sides and nape while your hair is kept in a high knot.
side buzz cut short top

Cropped pixie

This style will please natural hair lovers with short type 7 and 8 hair. A mop of your beautiful short coils is concentrated on top of your head while the rest is shaved on the sides and back.

Nape undercut

Here, hair by the nape is shaved, leaving a “raised bowl” type of hairstyle. Some women choose to get their cut shaved in elaborate shapes and patterns to make it more personalised.
red hair in a bun

Bob undercut

Take your favourite bob to the edge and have it cut on one side. This style remains a “safer” option as the shave can remain hidden underneath the bob.
one sided buzz cut
To choose which shaved style is for you, look at your lifestyle, personality and the type of environment you work in. Speak to your trusted salon stylist about shaving a small area to see if the look matches your expectations.
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