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Three ways to wear a blunt-cut bob

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04 October 2018
Three ways to wear a blunt cut on natural hair : woman with black bob hair cut

Why opt for a short blunt cut? Why not! It’s the must-have beauty trend of the season - right up there with glitter nails and flawlessly contoured cheekbones. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to tidy up those split ends AND get a fabulous new ‘do at the same time. To keep your hair in top condition, you should trim it every 6 weeks or so. Hair that’s cut blunt, or all one length with no layers, looks especially healthy and full of body.

Short natural hair is gorgeous if you leave it to do its own thing. Keep your curls soft and  frizz free with Dark And Lovely Amla Legend Oil of 7 Wonders. This miracle-working product is infused with nourishing Amla Oil to restore strength, shine and manageability to dry, damaged hair.

If you feel like a change, you can straighten your locks for a whole new look. Make sure you use a heat protective product like Mizani 25 Miracle Milk before reaching for your flat iron or  blow dryer!

A-line bob with straight fringe

This blunt cut short bob is angled so that it is longer in the front and short at the back. Typically, the front section is at the level of your jaw, but your stylist will be able to advise you on the right length to suit your face shape. The A-line bob is angular, dramatic and rocks some serious vintage vibes – reminiscent of haircuts from the 1920s. Pair it with  bold red lips and let your inner Gatsby girl shine!

Blunt with bangs

Three ways to wear a blunt cut bob: African woman with short bob

Short blunt hair with bangs is structured to the max. The sharp, square angles of a heavy fringe at your eyebrows and jaw- or shoulder-length hair  are sassy and extremely striking. If you’ve got the skill and patience to achieve impeccable straight styling, you’re sure to turn heads with this cut.

The braided blunt

Three ways to wear a blunt cut on natural hair : woman with brunette with a single braid plat

If you want to break the rigid lines of your blunt cut bob with some feminine softness, try braiding your hair half up, half down. This is also a great style for days when you just can’t get your curly hair perfectly straight.

Starting at your hairline, create several small braids running towards the back of your head. Pin them in place or use a hairband to tie them together in a bun at the top of your head.

So you see, blunt really is beautiful. If you’re keen for a blunt cut, chat to your stylist  next time you’re at the salon. With their expert advice, you’re sure to find the most flattering option for you.


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