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The rebel cut lives on - Today's top 5 bob cuts

27 August 2018
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Bob haircuts remain one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. They’re a timeless classic that ranges from sophisticated and feminine to edgy and daring. This year, the bob haircuts are not just about bold cuts, they also feature textural elements like feathered bangs and straight fringes. Here are the best bob haircuts for 2018.

Blunt bob

Ruler-straight and ruthlessly unapologetic, the blunt bob evokes power, using lines to create a not-to-be-messed-with attitude and flattering silhouette. This bob complements most necklines and is best achieved with hair ending above the shoulder.

blonde covering face

Asymmetrical bob

Edgy and daring girls love this one! This uneven bob turns an age-old classic into a grungy modern look, perfect for those who want all the convenience of a shorter cut, but who are unwilling to compromise on the wow factor.

bob hair blonde

Curled bob

You don’t need straight hair to pull off a bob. Embrace your bouncy curls and ringlets for a short curly bob instead. To make this style feminine and youthful, let feathered bangs hang down over your forehead, ending just above your eyes.

retro blonde hair curls

Beach wave bob

Just because summer is over, that doesn’t mean you have to go without the romance of beach waves. Keep the beach wave bob messy with a side parting for that California-girl style. It perfectly shows off your features and is best worn when the hair falls below the chin.

brown hair balayage

Pixie bob

This double haircut combines the endlessly charming pixie cut with a classic bob. The pixie cut is grown out, so the longer, straighter strands of hair can fall around your face to create a beautiful frame.

short bob blonde hair

The bob haircut is versatile and works for hair that ends anywhere between the chin and the shoulders, so if you thought short hair meant short on options, think again!

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