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From shaved to fro – funky short styles for in-between

28 August 2018
short shaved hair
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Buzz cuts. They’re empowering. They’re liberating. They’re bold. And they’re the perfect way to display maximum face, head, neck and shoulders. However, during wintry months, the chilly air usually sees the buzz cut fall out of favour. Then there’s that annoying in-between phase, while your hair’s too short for natural braids. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few chic styles to try out while waiting for your buzz to grow.

Pixie cut

This feminine and classy cut will appeal to women transitioning from close-shaved back to a full ‘fro. As your soft coils grow, you can use a flat iron to straighten them slightly and comb through for a curled pixie hairstyle. Dyeing the hair in a single colour is also a great, daring option to keep things youthful and fresh.

Fade cut

Since your hair’s still on the super-short side, why not add some definition and interest, and shave the sides for a sexy fade? There are a million shaved patterns and styles to choose from, too, so this bold cut will keep your look edgy and fresh while you wait for your ‘fro to grow.

One-sided shave

A trend seen often in pop culture these days. While you grow one side of your hair, keep the other side in its close-shaved state. It’s the best of both worlds, and looks fresh-to-death when you’re finally able to add braids and more to the grown-out side.


As your hair grows out unevenly, most of the new growth will come from the top of your head. What better excuse to try out that mohawk you’ve always wanted? Comb it upwards and towards the centre till you’ve got the mountain peak you’re after, then slick the back and sides down in the opposite direction for definition.


You don’t need to hide your hair during the awkward growing-out phase – just get creative! These styles will all keep your hair game up to date while you wait for your coils to spring up again just in time for the warmer months.

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