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Best bob styles for every face shape

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27 August 2018
Best bob styles for every face shape : woman with arfrian blownout hair bob

Thanks to a host of trendsetting celebrities sporting short ‘n sexy styles, everyone and their dog is rocking a bob these days. We all have different face shapes, hair types and textures, but luckily for us, a bob cut can be tailored using various angles, layers and fringes to suit almost anyone – just not your little chihuahua!

If you have a heart-shaped face…

Ask your hairdresser for a longer cut on the sides to draw attention away from your narrow chin area. You can wear it straight or wavy, but we advise adding some body to the bottom of the cut in the form of choppy layers, gentle waves or textured flicks. Feathery, eye-grazing bangs also soften a wider forehead on a heart-shaped face.

Best bob styles for every face shape : woman with smooth blown out black hair

If you have a round-shaped face…

A long asymmetrical bob that gently grazes the shoulders is the perfect way to elongate a round face. For a playful feel, and to soften your rounded features, wear your hair on one side with a shallow or deep side part. Consider keeping your bob all one length without any obvious layers cut in if you’ll be donning a side parting often.

Best bob styles for every face shape : woman with medium length brown hair

If you have an oval-shaped face…

You’re fortunate enough to be able to do anything with your bob cut – long, short, layered, blunt, bangs, no bangs… the options are endless. You can also style it any way you want – from beachy waves with a curling tong or sleek, to poker-straight ends with a straightener. For some serious edge, try a super-blunt, choppy style for extra no-nonsense drama.

Best bob styles for every face shape : woman with blonde bob

If you have a squared-shaped face…

A very blunt cut can emphasise a square jawline, so be sure to request a softer, more texturised line with plenty of layers from your stylist. A bob that’s cut a little below or above the jaw is very flattering on this face shape.

Best bob styles for every face shape : woman with retro blonde bob

Not ready to fully commit to a trendy bob? Create a faux bob with this handy tip: create waves using a curling iron, then tuck small pieces of hair under the nape of your neck and loosely pin them with bobby pins. Continue this until you have a bob-like shape.

Voilà! Now you can test-drive the trend before you chop off your locks at your favourite hair salon.

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