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What to look for in a hairspray

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22 November 2018
woman applying hairspray to pin up bun hairstyle

Okay, this applies to any hair product, to be fair, but have you ever felt overwhelmed when shopping for a hairspray? There are so many options. Hopefully these tips will help narrow down your search by most-appropriate need and top professional-quality recommendation.


If you absolutely cannot worry about losing your look over the course of a day (and night), then you need a hairspray with extra-strong hold. Redken Control Addict 28, from Redken’s handy numbered range of styling sprays, promises 24 hours of hold combined with humidity resistance. Best of all, this award-winning product is high-performance without leaving any irritating residue on your locks.


Flat hair girls know how much of a mission it is to ace “big hair” styles… and keep them. New-look Matrix Volume Fixer Volume Hairspray is the solution, thanks to lightweight polymers that provide support for strands instead of weighing them down. Sprayed on dry hair, the result is extra volume combined with convincingly natural movement.


Hair out of control? Fight frizz and general curl disobedience with Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, which works for all hair types, even colour-treated and relaxed hair. Combining xylose and coconut oil, this spray has multiple benefits ranging from heat protection to a reduction in dryness. You’ll want it though for its smoothing function, reining in frizz and flyaways and instantly refreshing your style.


Sometimes you want a bit of texture. If you have very straight or fine hair, chances are you want it a lot as your locks struggle to hold a style for more than a few minutes. We recommend mineral powder fixing spray L’Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers Next Day Hair. Suitable for all hair types again, it’ll give you that casual beach or bedhead look. Best applied to dry hair.


You’ll want it though for its smoothing function, reining in frizz and flyaways and instantly refreshing your style.

Hayley Katzer Matrix Regional Education Developer

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