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Up your braid and weave game for the warmer months

31 October 2018
platted pin up blonde hair
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Your body may have been wrapped up in layers of clothing this winter, but your hair can tell a different story. As the warmer months approach and the seasons change, your braids and weaves should showcase the budding hope of spring on the horizon. At this time of year, Nature takes it up a notch and so should you with these styles for women that you’ve just got to love. 

The Milkmaid Braid

This is one of those really quick braid styles for women that looks so much more complicated than it is. However, it is simply made up of two braids that are pinned around your head. It’s perfect for a first date or nailing that job interview. Get the most from this look by getting the strengthening Mizani Braids and Weaves pHorce treatment for your hair before you braid it.
dual fish plat hair style

The Classic French Braid

Warmer weather means getting out and about, and letting it all out. It invites you to strut your summer body or get back into sporty activities in a bid to shed the extra winter kilos that have sneaked into the warmer months.  If you are planning on working out, you can trust this hairstyle to keep your relaxed hair together in a vivacious, attractive way. Thanks to the salon-exclusive Mizani Bond pHorce, lifeless-looking hair can have a beautiful, manageable, pH-balanced makeover in preparation for anything you do with it.
thin platted braid conrows

Cornrows with Baby Hairs

A list of classic braid styles for African women is not complete without cornrows. Give it a twist by paying attention to, and styling, your baby hairs. Meanwhile, nothing distorts this look more than dandruff particles parading where your hair is parted. Get the Mizani Bond pHorce salon-only breakthrough treatment to eliminate dryness and add shiny summer shimmer to your hair.
Mzanzi hair products
Warmer months are worthy of celebration, but unkempt, damaged hair can put a damper on your days. As a healthy foundation to any styling, your weaves and braids should be installed by someone who is committed to preserving your hairline and knows the best hair procedures and hair products. Find your nearest reputable salon here.
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