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Tips to master the high pony

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23 April 2019
Tips to master the high pony: woman with hair in high pony

Girl, we love us a high pony. It’s the ultimate hairstyle that is casual yet elegant, easily transitions from day to night, and really sets off your cheekbones. But it’s also a look that can give you headaches - literally - and cause breakage and damage to your hair (if you don’t do it right, that is).


We’re here to help you achieve the perfect high ponytail, without any of the problems you may have experienced in the past.



Don’t make it too tight


Pulling your hair up into a pony and then securing it too tightly is what causes your head to hurt after a few hours of wearing this style. Instead, secure it with a hair band by lightly tease the area just below, and ‘lifting’ the hair using bobby pins to stop your pony from drooping.



Don’t style it when wet


Your hair is slightly elastic when it’s wet, so if you scrape it into a high pony you risk doing some serious damage to your curls. The style may look smoother when wet but stretching the hair will actually leave it frizzy and maybe even break the strands. Instead, only wear a high pony when your hair is dry and use smoothing products to minimise frizz.


Tips to master the high pony: woman with curly hair in ponytail

Give your hair a break


A high ponytail looks awesome, but don’t wear it all the time. Pulling your hair into a sky-high style every single day can actually result in hair loss and even make your hairline recede. Avoid this by limiting yourself to wearing a high pony just once a week.



Use products to smooth and protect


We love the Mizani Thermasmooth Range because it’s especially good for ethnic hair or any curly hair that’s prone to frizz. For a sleek polished finish, apply Mizani Thermasmooth Sleek Guard Cream with its advanced C3 Smoothing Complex before you blow dry. After you’ve secured your pony, a couple of pumps of Mizani Thermasmooth Smooth Guard Serum will help to smooth any flyaways at your hairline.



Wash or replace your hairbands


This probably isn’t something you’ve thought about, is it? But yes, your hairbands do get dirty. Twists of loose hair can harbour flakes of dry skin and bacteria that cause your scalp to get infected. Wash your hairbands regularly and replace them every few months.


Tips to master the high pony: woman with natural curly hair in high ponytail
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