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The top five 90s looks you should bring back

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03 October 2018
The top five 90s looks you should bring back : women long black hair brunette highlights
Feathered hair, strands that hung aimlessly over your face, and mini hair buns – the 90s were an interesting time for hair. Despite this, some styles that were all the rage back then, are still very much on trend nowadays! Here are a few we hope will stick around in 2018 and beyond. 

The Wavy Blowout

This one’s the original supermodel hairstyle that was notorious for fashioning the glamorous hair flip. This 90s look is all about volume so bid that straightener farewell and say hello to heated rollers! Be sure to apply a heat protectant like L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Hot & Straight Heat Protection Styling Spray beforehand.
The top five 90s looks you should bring back : smiling women long hair

Double Pigtails

While often associated with young school girls, nowadays pigtails are the hairstyle of choice when it comes to festival goers looking to add a bit of youthfulness to their look. If you’re to really embrace the 90s era, pair with colourful hair accessories.
 The top five 90s looks you should bring back : blonde women with hat & two plats

Pencil Thin Braids

These days, box braids and goddess braids are dominating the runway, because bigger is better. But back in the 90s, braids were thin and in the form of singles that were burnt at the ends. Bringing them back means less maintenance and adopting a style for longer, so we’re all for it!
The top five 90s looks you should bring back : woman with side braided hair


The 90s were the best time to celebrate curly hair, and nothing has really changed since. These bouncy, corkscrew curls were poufy, maybe a little unkept, but utter perfection. Try Mizani Curl Define Pudding for softer, shinier curls that are sure to hold.
The top five 90s looks you should bring back : woman with brunette curled tonged hair
Whether for an everyday look, or for special occasions, your inner 90s gal has a right to shine, so don’t hold back when it comes to breathing new life into old favourites.
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