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The many wonderous ways to use hairpieces to change up your look

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21 September 2018
The many wonderous ways to use hairpieces to change up your look : different hair shades

What would the world of hair be without hairpieces? Well, boring for sure, as so many of our favourite classic styles are impossible to create without them! Without a trusty hairpiece on hand, we would all have to settle for the hair we have, without the possibility of creating so many more unique, fantasy-fulfilling styles. 

Hairpieces are essentially natural or synthetic bundles of hair, used as extensions to replace or add to real hair. Some hairpieces are used to cover hair loss, while others are used to extend hair length. Here are some of the most common ways that hairpiece fans love to use them: 

Add length: This is the main advantage of hairpieces, and essential to create certain stylised looks. The most popular types include clip-ins and sew-ins, where hair is inserted non-adhesively. No need to commit to months or years of growing anymore – you can have short hair one day, and long the next! 

The many wonderous ways to use hairpieces to change up your look : brunette extensions
Add volume: Inserting hairpieces can give thin hair extra volume in minutes. And there’s an added bonus, too! If your thinning hair is the result of too much pulling, styling, heating and relaxing, clip-in hairpieces are a perfect protective style to give your natural hair a break and allow it to recover.
The many wonderous ways to use hairpieces to change up your look : womans with long blank hair african and indian women
Create sculpted hairstyles: Those artistic and elaborate styles dreamed up by hairstylists are easy for any girl to achieve with hairpieces. Sometimes real hair is too delicate (or there’s not enough of it) to go through the manipulation needed for a sculpted do, so a hairpiece is used.  Disposable hairpieces are a great choice for a one-time special style that would otherwise damage your natural hair.
The many wonderous ways to use hairpieces to change up your look : woman with red hair in a big bun
Hairpieces are by far the most useful and essential hair accessory to own – and any girl that likes to change things up now and then should consider starting a collection and playing with all the possibilities! With a good selection on hand, different styles, lengths, colours and volumes are available to you at a moment’s notice.
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