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The curtain fringe and why you should give it a try

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14 November 2018
dark natural hair in a bob with a fringe

Every season brings with it a trendy look. The end of 2017 introduced us to the curtain fringe, better known as curtain bangs by our American peeps. It’s a transitional look – growing out an old fringe, or breaking in as a first time fringer. Here are the reasons why this super-easy and flattering look is among the best layered hairstyles with fringe benefits.


Practical Fringe Hair Ideas


The practicality of the curtain fringe reassures us that this hairstyle is not going away anytime soon. It is a versatile piece of hair art when done right. It not only looks good but eliminates the stress of fretting about the inevitable growing-out period. The curtain fringe gives a new look without losing too much length.


Ethnic Fringe Hair Alternatives


There’s more to this look than just combing and snipping hair around your face. African women can own this look by cutting and styling relaxed hair. And if you wear weaves or extensions, you can easily rock a curtain fringe without actually cutting your hair.

wedding upstyle with a curtain fringe

Ultimate Upstyles For Long Hair with a Fringe


There are days when you long to look different. This can be for a fancy gig such as a wedding or a date with your man crush. For such occasions, we recommend curtain bangs and a bouffant. Style the bangs in such a way that they draw attention to your cheekbones. You can do this by arranging the rest of your hair up in this classic French style. Play around with the different fringes for long hair until you find something that makes your heart smile.



Our Handpicked Medium Hair with Fringe Styles


Curly curtain bangs are so hot right now, particularly for South African women looking for a fun summer hairstyle. We love the curly layered fringe hairstyle. This works just as well on natural hair as it does on chemically processed hair.


All in all, curtain bangs can accentuate your look or trap you in the 1980s. The goal is not to time-travel back to past eras, but to give classic bangs a contemporary look. Find a salon near you to have a professional stylist show you how.

long dark hair with a fringe
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