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Pixelated hair is turning heads, and for good reason!

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23 November 2018

If you’re someone who loves to take risks with your mane, pixelated hair is right up your alley! This edgy hair colour trend has been mesmerising people across Instagram and other social media platforms with its psychedelic colours and patterns, and it’s not hard to see why.


Originally developed ‘by mistake’, but loved instantly by hair research and development company, X-Presion, pixelated hair is turning heads everywhere. When it comes to women's hair colour trends, we've seen it all in recent years- from highlights to ombre, dip-dye and back again – but this is something entirely new.


So just what is pixelated hair, you ask?


Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory and it has everything to do with the screens we stare at on a daily basis. If you’ve ever zoomed in on an image, only for it to become pixelated, this is the look being replicated with this latest hair colour trend.


Sections of hair, such as bangs, hair tips or even large sections across the head are basically dyed to resemble pixels on a screen. But what’s really taken the world by storm is the endless colour possibilities when it comes to emulating this choppy, block-like hair effect. Some women choose to juxtapose colours such as red and blue against blonde hair, while others have taken it to a whole new level with a rainbow of colours.


The hair trend is created by using a chromatic dimension colouring technique so that as the hair moves, the pixelated effect really takes shape. Pixelated hair is more than just mere colouring, it’s an innovative technique which uses three-dimensional filling, almost like architecture, so that whenever the hair moves you see the hidden shapes.

But don’t be thinking you can just nip into any old hairdresser and make a request for pixelated hair. According to the experts at X-Presion, you'll need to source the expertise of a hairstylist who has undergone specific training with one of the X-Presion Creative Education Seminars.

While this style may not be everyone’s idea of how they should look, it certainly is a conversation starter!

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