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Naturally messy hair: How to style it

16 August 2018
Naturally messy hair: How to style it
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We all have that friend. You know, the one who’s just rolled out of bed, but somehow, somehow, manages to look like they’ve just strutted straight off a trendy fashion runway in Paris, sporting a gorgeous, minimal effort, laid-back natural hairstyle.

Granted, some people are simply born with flawless, naturally messy tresses, and that’s okay (it's all in the hair type). We’re just a little jealous is all, because the rest of us have to put some effort into our hair, if we want to accomplish the same amazing catwalk-cool look. It’s only a matter of striking the right balance between “I was hit by a hurricane” and “oh, I haven’t even bothered styling my hair today!”

If finding the equilibrium stresses you out, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Here’s how you too can pull off “naturally” messy hair with minimal fuss:


1. Wash and Dry

We’re going for messy, not filthy, so let’s start by getting that soon-to-be tousled hair nice and clean. Grab a product that will gently remove dirt and other polluting elements, like Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Shampoo. Follow this step with the Mizani True Textures® Moisture Replenish Conditioner and work it into your strands, paying special attention to the ends. Now, carefully dry your hair, putting sections between the folds of the towel or cotton T-shirt and pressing gently.

2. Style

Now for the fun part – forming those locks into a crazy cool style! Too much frizz can be the downfall of any messy hair look, so keep it on the sleek side with a product like Mizani True Textures® Curl Define Pudding, a cream formulated with marula, coconut and olive oil, offering intense moisturising, style manageability and shine. There’s also Matrix’s Total Results Mega Sleek Blow Down Cream. Its instantly smoothing action will keep stray strands at bay, but also lets them move naturally, which is exactly what you need to pull off a tousled hair appearance. Matrix’s Total Results Texture Sea Salt Spray is another great option for perfectly tousled, frizz-free locks without any stiffness, while Mizani True Textures® Twist and Coil Jelly can be used to define curls or twist hair into a messy look.


Run your fingers through your locks, lightly working your chosen product in and styling however you see fit. You’ll have that wavy new-hair-don’t-care look in no time at all!

Rocky Bukasa

3. Blow-Dry

This step is optional, but necessary if you’re looking to enhance your hair’s natural structure and add extra volume. Flip your head over and start at the roots, working your fingers through your strands from bottom to tip. Leave some moisture in though – you still have one last step.

4. The Final Touches

How do you look? If your hair is still looking a little too neat for your liking, use your hands to scrunch or tousle the sections that need any final attention. Don’t be scared to add extra product if some segments are proving to be problematic.

And there you have it! Perfect, messy hair. Remember, this particular look comes in many styles, so feel free to experiment and try out different accessories! What’s the worst that could happen? Take a chance and let the locks fall where they may.

Naturally messy hair: woman with curly hair under hat
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