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Jump on the scrunchie train: Five ways to wear the comeback trend

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19 August 2019
Jump on the scrunchie train: Five ways to wear the comeback trend

The scrunchie is back, but not in the classic olden way. It has evolved and moved with the times. Forget the typical ponytail scrunchie tie and enter the modern era with these five easy hairstyles. While you’re at it, add a gorgeous accessory or two for maximum hairstyling impact.



Messy bun[dle] of joy


The messy bun hairstyle is pure delight which the French do so well. It is a typical bun, but with pieces deliberately left hanging, and has that just-got-up look about it. Add extra character to your messy bun by adding a large bow scrunchie for effect. A colourful scrunchie or a bold patterned one works best. Tie the bow your way to give it that je ne sais quoi personal touch.



Braided bun à la accessories


Think of a hair bun carefully caressed with braided strands and delicately adorned with floral accessories and a small to medium hair scrunchie. What’s nice is that you can have it any way you want – add some fresh flowers and ‘accidentally’ release some strands for extra flair. Add some of Mizani’s Edge Taming Gel to keep the style in place all day.





Tie your natural hair up with a scrunchie in a bun front-and-centre of your head, then release the hair at the sides. If you need to add extra volume, you can always add extensions. Alternatively, you can shave off the sides to add focus to the centrepiece. This works best with a lowkey scrunchie to complete your look.



Princess Leia’s cinnamon bun


Popularised by the classic science-fiction movie, cinnamon buns are loved the world over. You can, however, add large scrunchies for a personal touch with blockbuster appeal. As an added tip: Pureology Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum works wonders in helping you to gain control of frizzy hair by smoothing it out, ever so gently.



The back twister


Spritz Mizani 25 Miracle Milk onto your strands for luscious hydration, brush your hair to the back and separate the ends into two sections. Then twist these strands together and tie them with a scrunchie. You can decide on whether you want them to hang loosely or to harness them with a tight twist. Soften the look with some wayward strands of hair if you like.


Scrunchies are so much more than just hair accessories. They can be used to add personality to your overall hairstyle or emphasise your look of the moment. While it is hard to say how long scrunchies are here to stay, we can assure you that they are so hot right now. Chat to your stylist for additional ideas on how to rock this accessory!

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