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How to wear old-school hair accessories in the modern day

02 October 2018
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Relive your schoolgirl days with these 90s hair accessories reinvented for the modern-day gal. Yup, you read right – hair accessories from your childhood are making a comeback, but this time they’re even better! Ready to take a trip down memory lane? 

Metal Snap Clips

These clamping clips were used to keep flyaway hair out of your face during school hours. Nowadays, they’re available in gold and silver and worn more as hair jewellery to decorate your locks, or to hold back thick curls.
pined up clips in hair

Alice Bands

Remember how metal Alice bands gave you a headache after wearing them for too long? Well, those days are gone. Today’s Alice band has come full circle with softer materials, flower crowns and round the head bands with straps that are far more comfortable to wear.
hair ban natural hair

Jumbo Claw Clips

Back in the day we wore them to hold back our hair and they were available only in a dull brownish-black colour. Today’s jumbo claw clips however are chic, stylish and often embellished with beads and jewels.
black hair with broach clip

Zigzag Headband

Yes, these full circle rake headbands are back to keep your hair sleek and pulled back. Spotted again this year on the runway, the modern-day woman can use these to accompany a wet hair look or to keep locks away from the face.


Scrunchies have exploded back onto the hair accessory scene! Nowadays you can expect velvet textures in jewel-like tones like emerald green and royal purples, used for top knots and messy ponytails.
rolled up ponytail

Headband Bandana

The headband bandana has re-emerged thanks to the natural hair movement. These round-the-head headbands come in vibrant African prints and are mainly used to keep afros up and to show off big curls.
women long hair and bandanna
What better way to travel back in time than by breathing new life into old favourites? Keep your look unique and remember… anything goes!
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