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How to get those sought-after beach waves

25 April 2018
beach waves hairstyle
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Curly girls often yearn for straighter, more manageable locks, while women with naturally straight hair frequently dream of more bounce, and voluminous, wavy hair. In the case of the latter, one of the most desired looks of the moment is beach waves hair.

Whether you go for sun-kissed colouring to accompany your waves or not, a signature feature of this style is that hair is straight near your scalp, and transitions into large, loose curls from the jawline down (if you have long hair), or at about the halfway point of your hair length (if you have shorter, shoulder-length locks). 

To get the beach waves look, you could go pro and consult with a stylist at your nearest salon. Alternatively, you could pick up your curling tools and follow one of a hundred styling tutorials online. We recommend the first option – a salon visit – to nail the casually messy, but appealing, style on your first try. At the same time, you’ll receive expert advice on how to maintain your waves between salon visits, and you can pick up the best professional-standard products to keep your locks in tip-top condition.

In South Africa, your stylist will probably recommend award-winning Redken Curvaceous, a specialist range for curly and wavy hair. Featuring a unique Curl Memory Complex, ingredients like sugar crystals, moringa oil and Interlock Protein Network work together to bring the best out of every curl – protecting their meticulously styled shape, and ensuring they look carefree and fabulous all day. 

Curvaceous Wind Up Reactivating Spray is also notably salt-free. This matters, because many beach waves styling products fully embrace the beach lifestyle, and make salt water the main ingredient of their formulations. Salt water may be a natural solution to give tresses a rugged look, but it also has a drying effect. That’s why your hair feels so rough and difficult to brush after a day at the coast. Curvaceous Wind Up skips the salt and still provides effective, frizz-free control without crunch.

Simply spray this leave-in product through damp hair (ideally after using Curvaceous Cream Shampoo and Conditioner), scrunch it in, and follow it with some diffuser and curling iron action. Reapply as needed through the day.

Attention-grabbing wavy hair can easily be yours, regardless of how straight or thin your hair is. The secret is to start the process with the right advice and products. 
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