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How to choose the right parting for your face shape

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23 November 2018
How to choose the right parting for your face shape

Did you know that the parting of your hair can work to complement, enhance or even detract from your best facial features? Many women pick a hairstyle out of personal preference without even considering whether it’s flattering to their face shape or not. Why should they anyway? You do you, boo. But, as it turns out, it can make a world of difference.

While most women have a natural hair parting (aside from those with ‘interesting’ hairlines such as the cowlick!), this doesn’t necessarily mean you should style your hair this way. Here are some of the most flattering ways to fashion your hair parting for your face shape:

Rounded Face Shape

If you’re born with a rounded face shape, add a little extra dimension to your features by considering a deep side-part hairstyle. If you’re looking to elongate your face, style your hair with a deep centre part which works to create symmetry around the face.

Square Face Shape

One of the best ways to soften a sharp, square jawline is with the use of a centre or side parting with bangs. Bangs create a softer look around the face, while a front parting hairstyle can help to elongate your face a little.

How to choose the right parting for your face shape: Woman with long brown hair with fringe

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shapes have essentially won the genetic lottery here as they tend to suit any kind of hairstyle or hair parting. Our best advice? Go to town!

How to choose the right parting for your face shape : Woman with red bob and fringe

Heart Face Shape

A heart shaped face is defined by high cheekbones and a pointy chin – if you’re looking to soften the chin line, a deep side-parting is highly flattering in hair with layers. You can also opt for a middle part hairstyle, but this is best suited to long locks.


How to choose the right parting for your face shape

Diamond Face Shape

Generally, those with a diamond face shape tend to have a smaller forehead. To this end, a side part works wonders to highlight the cheekbones and frame the rest of the face. Try and avoid side fringes, but layers around the face work well.

How to choose the right parting for your face shape : woman with very blonde bob and fringe

Oblong Face Shape

An oblong face shape is characterised by its length, rather than width. If a little more roundness is what you’re after, a middle-parted fringe or full bangs can do wonders. Otherwise, a middle parting with layers around the face is also beautiful. Who needs a new hair cut when you can frame, shape and flatter your face simply by making the right parting choice. Go figure!

How to choose the right parting for your face shape : woman with straight hair and blunt fringe
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