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Hold the scissors: What to consider before committing to a fringe

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29 March 2019
woman with long straight brown hair and fringe

If you’ve been gripped by the sudden urge to cut a fringe, then there are a few important considerations to keep in mind before you take the plunge.

Most women have been ‘on the fringe’ of getting a fringe, at some point in their life. But cutting a fringe could end up in disaster if you don’t have the hair type for it. Unfortunately, not all hair types can carry off a blunt, straight-cut fringe, but never fear, there are other variations to consider!

Keep these 5 things top-of-mind before snip-snipping!


1. Be prepared for daily maintenance

If you’re a low-maintenance kinda gal when it comes to your hair and its styling, then we’re sorry to tell you that cutting a fringe may not be in your best interests. A fringe requires daily upkeep and styling, especially if your hair is on the curly or wavy side.  Having a fringe is a commitment you need to put effort into – day in and day out.


2. Are you willing to splash some cash?

If there was one golden rule about cutting a fringe…it would be do not do it yourself! If you’re prepared to splash some cash with a reputable hair stylist, then you’re guaranteed to get the look you’re going for. After all, they have the knowledge of what best suits your hair type and face shape. If you don’t have the spare money, please don’t try it at home.


Woman with blunt bob and fringe

3. Do you have problematic skin?

We hate to break it to you, but if you suffer from regular breakouts on your forehead or in your hairline, a fringe could add to your troubles. Acne could be become further inflamed and aggravated by hair touching it all day, especially hair that is dirty or greasy. You’ll have to ensure your bangs are washed regularly to avoid further skin problems.


4. Growing out a fringe can get awkward

Once you’ve tried a fringe and decided it’s just not for you, growing it out can become a rather tedious, and not-to-mention awkward phase for your hair. Before it reaches a stage where you can comfortably tuck it behind your ears (roughly 6-12 months), you’ll need to invest in clips, a stretch comb, hair bands and learn how to braid to keep it out of your way.


5. Not all hair types suit a fringe

Not all hair types were made equal, and if they were, the world would be a rather dreary place. The truth of the matter is that you need a specific hair type to rock a thick blunt fringe. If your hair is dead straight and relatively thick, you’ll most likely have no issues. If your hair is thin and curly – don’t even think about it. But, instead of a thick blunt fringe, you could go for a softer fringe which is cut longer on the sides and textured to suit wavy or curly hair types.


At the end of the day, you need to be genuinely committed to rocking a fringe, no matter your hair type. If you’re in it for the long haul, then be sure to take the plunge with the help of a professional hair stylist. 
woman with ice blonde hair with fringe
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