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Hairstyles for bespectacled girls

23 November 2018
African woman with short curly afro and glasses
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Simple, but trendy makeup? Check! On-point spring-vibe shades or glasses? Check! Slaying the perfect hairstyle for your bespectacled face? Mmh… Well, that’s exactly what we thought. Spec-wearing sisters across the African continent are doing injustice to their looks by hiding and/or not enhancing their hair accordingly.


Don’ts for Bespectacled Girls


Spec-friendly hairstyles are not intuitive. There are unspoken rules and guidelines to master hairstyles for bespectacled girls. For example, long bangs (AKA a fringe) may not be ideal as they bunch around the arms of your glasses. The shape, design and colour of your glasses may also impact your parting choice and bar you from even thinking about certain highlights.


The best idea? Don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach and simply copy something you saw in a magazine. It might not suit your lenses and could bog down your best features. It may take a little work to factor in all three but don’t forget to match your hair to the shape of your face, personality and spectacles frame.


Dos for Hairstyles for Glasses


If you are a sister with glasses, there are many looks that can enhance your natural beauty. Believe it or not, some looks can even make you appear brainier, nerdy, flirty or just soften up your style. Whatever look you want, a professional stylist can help you to achieve it. We love the short afro vibes with distinct partings to command the gaze. Yet, as mentioned, go for what works best for you!


A professional stylist knows how to use your features and specs to elevate your style. Don't view your glasses as mere add-ons – they can be fundamental to you rocking your natural beauty this spring. Find a salon near you to get expert recommendations about styles that are best suited to you and your specs.

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