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Get the perfect chain link braid: A step-by-step guide

18 September 2018
Get the perfect chain link braid: A step-by-step guide : woman with chain link braid
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 As the name suggests, a chain link braid looks like a metal chain, consisting of a string of interlocking links. It appears far more advanced than a classic French braid, or its inverted Dutch equivalent, which makes the chain link braid a fantastic look to bust out for a special occasion – especially if you’ve already mastered the fishtail braid.

Got a wedding or another important event coming up? The chain link braid is both fancy and elegant. Although synonymous with long, straight hair, the chain link braid is certainly an option for African women with weaves or lengthier relaxed hair. Why not give it a try by following these steps? And if you need a combination of frizz-fighting and texturising grip while styling, get your hands on a professional product like Redken Braid Aid 03 Braid Defining Lotion, which will help boost your control and define your braids. 

How to create a chain link braid:

1. Put your hair into an ordinary ponytail.
2. Split your ponytail into two equal parts.
3. Divide the left part into two sections.
4. Keep these two sections apart but twist them both to the right, over and over, to the ends, so they look like ropes.
5.  Now coil the two ropes together, one over each other to the left. Be careful not to let go of the ends so the ropes in Step 4 don’t unravel.
6. Congratulations. You’ve made a rope braid. Secure it with a small see-through hair elastic at the end.
7. Take the second part of the ponytail from Step 2 and repeat Steps 3 – 6. At the end of this step you should have two matching rope braids.
8.  The final step: Twist the two big rope braids together by coiling them over each other to the right. Secure them at the end with a hairband of your choice.

If you’re struggling with a chain link braid at home, head to your nearest salon  for the help of a professional stylist. They’ll also be able to introduce you to the many different variations of the chain link braid, such as running them along the side of your head, or incorporating them into a classy half-up, half-down style. Get the basics of a chain link braid right, and there’s loads to explore.

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