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Fun retro hairstyles to try this year: Part 2

25 September 2018
Fun retro hairstyles to try this year: Part 2  : woman with Medium afro hair
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Welcome to Part 2 of our look at cute retro and vintage hairstyles for you to make your own in 2018 and beyond. Part 1 spotlighted styles dating from the early decades of the 20th Century to the Swinging 60s. In this second part, we carry on with our time travels, singling out some other signature styles that will always have a place. Remember: when it comes to style, what goes around comes around, so even “out of fashion” looks could swing back into trendiness at any moment.

1970s: The big hair afro 

The 70s was a boom time for disco and soul – and celebrating yourself big time. So, the bigger your hair the better! For black women, it was a time to embrace their natural hair and grow a giant, tightly coiled, perfectly circular afro. Key components of this standout look include a wide-toothed afro comb and scissors to trim ends and enhance the overall shape. Most important, though, is growing enough length for your fluffy fro, and that means taking extra care of your hair, like keeping it well moisturised, and using protective styles at night to avoid breakage.

Fun retro hairstyles to try this year: Part 2 : woman with natural long curly hair

1980s: The high top fade

Long crimped hair was all the rage in the 80s (for better or worse), but there was another iconic hairstyle to emerge during this era: The high top fade – AKA the hi-top – with its shaved sides and sharp geometric angles. Although ultimately more famous as a man’s haircut from the late 80s into the early 90s, several years earlier it was worn by fierce, convention-flaunting women. There isn’t much to pulling off this edgy look apart from a good set of clippers and a very steady hand.
Fun retro hairstyles to try this year: Part 2 : african women short black hair

1990s: The Rachel shag

The signature hairstyle of this decade came from a hit sitcom, and soon spread everywhere due to its wearability by just about everyone with straight to open wave hair. The Rachel is a layered shaggy cut, with highlights, that frames the face, and traditionally ends at the shoulders. The key to shaping the choppy layers, and the subtle fringe, is the use of a razor to create texture. You’ll also need a flat iron to single out and define the layered pieces, curling them slightly at the bottom to soften the ends.
Fun retro hairstyles to try this year: Part 2 : woman with long blonde hair

The Noughties: The front poof

Zig-zag partings, the return of crimping, and a mixing of both straight hair and curls – the first decade of the new millennium produced some interesting hair trends. Our iconic pick (at least for now) is the front poof. A forerunner of today’s combo-up-and-down dos, the poof – or puff, as it’s also known – requires you to section off some hair at the top of your head, and either push (with the aid of hair elastics) or tease (with a comb) that section into a puffy bobble that sits above your forehead.
Fun retro hairstyles to try this year: Part 2 : woman with  brunette hair
We hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at hair history, and feel inspired for your next salon visit. If you’re struggling with any of these looks, a professional will have all the expert knowledge and product recommendations you need to make them a reality.
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