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Fun retro hairstyles to try this year

25 July 2018
Fun retro hairstyles to try this year
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We live in a modern world but every now and then it & so refreshing to throw back to a simpler time. These vintage hairstyles & - from finger waves to the classic Gibson roll, are our favourite looks from the past century to play with, modernise, and make your own in 2018!

1920s: Finger Waves Finger waves

Were first created as a way of softening the sharp look of blunt bobs that were widely flaunted during the era of endless parties and flappers. This look requires some hair mousse or gel, plenty of hairspray and a bit of practice before you master the technique. It gets its name from the most important tool needed for the look: a stylist & fingers & which, in combination with a fine comb, press and mould the gorgeous S-shaped curls against the scalp for a sleek, feminine, no-fuss look.

1940s: The Gibson Roll

The Gibson roll actually dates back to the Edwardian period but saw a revival during the war-ravaged 1940s when women took up jobs in factories and long hair became a hazard. To get the look you will need hairspray, a teasing comb, bobby pins and a hair doughnut. Extra length is swept casually but carefully around the doughnut to keep it out of the way, with extra hanging pieces secured with pins for ultimate practicality.
Fun retro hairstyles to try this year : woman with Fun retro hairstyles to try this year

1940s–1950s: Victory roll

This hairstyle was named after an aerobatic manoeuvre and became popular during the decade that was largely dominated by conflict. Closely tied to the classic pin-up girl image, the look requires mousse, bobby pins and a lot of hairspray to keep it in place.

Fun retro hairstyles to try this year : woman with Fun retro hairstyles to try this year

1960s: Beehive

Beehive hair describes a style in which hair is piled on top of the crown in a cone shape. This creation was first spotted in the 1960s and produced by backcombing the hair into the correct shape and lightly combing over to smooth the hair. A teasing comb and a strong hairspray are your best friends if you’re going after this towering trend.

Classic hairstyles never go out of style, so enjoy a retro revolution and play with the looks donned by glamourous women throughout the ages. Need help getting the look? Book an appointment with a professional stylist near you and ask them to help you prepare your next head-turning look. They’ll also be able to advise you on recreating the look at home, and the right products to use for best results.

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