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Fringe options for every face shape

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15 November 2018
fringes for different face shapes

Out with the old. In with the new. That’s what nature teaches us, particularly at this time of the year. Chances are you’re considering a new, contemporary cut for spring and summer right now. The good news is that fringes are in this season, extending your style options. But how do you choose one that enhances the shape of your face as opposed to one that draws attention for the wrong reasons? We’ve got you covered with these guidelines.



Round face fringe tips


If you have a round face, experts recommend you opt for a side fringe hairstyle or lengthy swoop fringe that crosses over your forehead. These luscious side bangs and angular cuts will accentuate your face. Avoid a straight, plain fringe as it’ll make your face look fuller.



Oval face dos and don’ts


With an oval-shaped face, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking a fringe. The versatility of this face shape makes it ideal for pretty much every type of fringe hairstyle. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, a fringe is right up your style alley.



How to cut a fringe for a square face shape

Do not, we repeat, do not attempt any short fringe hairstyles. These emphasise the already rigid angles of your face. Rather select mid-eyebrow-length layered hair with a fringe that sweeps in below the brows.



Heart-shaped faces and fringe best practice


If there’s one tip you need to note, it’s to avoid a full, straight fringe. While this look is tempting and definitely on trend, it will merely create the illusion of a magnified forehead. Instead, draw attention to your eyes with a flattering layered hairdo and similarly irregular fringe.


There’s so much more you can do with fringe hair. Find a salon near you to speak to a professional stylist about highlights, trendy choppy looks and how to style your fringe for any occasion.


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