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Five fade cuts for women in focus

16 August 2018
Five fade cuts for women in focus
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The fade cut is one of the most daring hairstyles to try while still being corporate-friendly. Ideal for short hair goddesses, this hairstyle is testament to a life of taking risks and having no regrets. If the idea of shaving your hair seems frightening, you’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to pull off. Ask your stylist for one of these styles:

Faded Cut Mohawk

Mohawks are already edgy, now throw in a fade cut and you’ve got yourself a killer hairstyle. The short hair on the top of the head can be curled upwards or brushed backwards, leaving the buzz cut on both sides of the head. Add an eye-catching colour to take it to a whole new level.

Single Side Shaved Cut

This look is as glamorous as it is tough. One side of the hair is completely shaved while the rest of the hair is combed over and tumbles down the other side. The leftover hair can be natural hair, relaxed or a weave if you’re after longer tresses. We recommend using a wavy weave and letting it flow down to your shoulders for a glamourous and versatile cut you’ll love to play around with.

Faded Cut Comb Over

Short-haired girls, you’re going to love this style made especially for you. Hair is shaved on both sides and the remaining hair atop the head is combed over to one side. You can have bangs dramatically sweep or fall over your forehead, or have the hair spill over sideways in layers of different lengths.

Faded Cut Top Knot

The king of all male hipster hairstyles, this style can be an elegant updo for women. The hair is shaved on both sides, leaving a nice mop on top. This hair is then twisted and tied to form a top knot. The top knot can be formed into a bun if you add a hairpiece or loose tie. For the ultimate style, add a long hairpiece and braid it down for a show-stopping top knot ponytail to contrast your faded cut.

Faded Pixie Cut

Look sweet and sophisticated with this mature style. Just like a regular pixie cut, most of the hair is cut, but the hair on top fade to the sides. You can choose to go dangerously close to a buzz cut or shave the back half and comb the few strands forward to just touch the scalp.

With so many different styles available, there’s no reason to be intimidated by a close shave. We get it, shaving your hair is a tall order and requires a brave commitment, especially if your hair takes forever to grow. But we promise, you won’t regret taking the plunge! Just ask your trusted salon stylist for the look that will suit your personality and personal image best.

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