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All about the beehive

17 August 2018
All about the beehive
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When it comes to retro hairstyle ideas, there are few as iconic as the beehive. The larger-than-life look was first seen back in 1960, when celebrity stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt of Chicago developed the iconic look at the request of Modern Beauty Shop magazine. Vinci Heldt’s backcombed & do would go on to become the definitive style of the era. Subsequently mimicked by women around world in each following decade, beehives are sometimes referred to as a B-52, thanks to the style’s close resemblance to the unique nose shape of the Boeing B-52. Legend has it, the stylist was attempting to create a towering look to be worn with a fez hat late one night while her family lay asleep, and the result would go down in history.
dread beehive

Choosing your hive

In order to achieve the perfect beehive, you need plenty of hair. So, for ethnic women, this may mean adding a weave to the mix, but the look can still look amazing with natural hair. Next, you must consider the specific look of your hive. How big do you want it to be? And do you want a half-up hive, or the full shebang? We suggest doing your homework and scanning the Internet for inspiration and styling options. We’ve seen beehives get out of control in terms of the size and height of the hair... We recommend keeping it tasteful, sticking to a medium to low height in a half-up style, for a more up-to-date look. After all, you want to turn heads for the right reasons.

half beehive

Constructing a half-up hive with bangs

What you’ll need:

  • Teasing comb
  • Hairspray or equivalent (we suggest Redken Powder Grip 03, a hair powder that creates loads of useful body and grip)
  • Hairclips


beehive step by step

Now follow these steps:

1. Divide your hair into two sections: top and bottom (picture a ring around your head at around ear level) and clip both sections to secure them out the way.
2. Release the top section and comb your fringe forward to separate it from the hair you will tease.
3. Mist the remaining top section hair with hairspray and divide it into three side-by-side sections (a large middle section with two smaller sections to either side of your head, behind your ears).
4. Start with the large middle section of hair. From the back of your head moving forward, begin backcombing to create as much volume as possible, particularly at your crown. This will be the basis of the beehive that sits on top of your head.
5. Repeat the backcombing process with the two side sections, but to a lesser extent.
6. Use a comb to gently smooth (not flatten) the top of the teased middle section.
7. Use the comb to mould this same section of hair into the desired beehive shape.
8. Secure the beehive at the back of your head with bobby pins.
9. Comb and combine the two teased side sections with the beehive, pinning them into place.
10. Tuck and pin away any other misbehaving strands.
11. Set the look with hairspray.

Now, you’ve added a touch of vintage glam to your look. Go out and paint the town red, because it’s a sin to waste good hair.

updo blonde
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