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5 things to do with your hair this winter

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01 August 2018
5 things to do with your hair this winter : woman with balayage hair brunette
With a change of season comes the desire to revisit your wardrobe, swapping out those summer dresses with winter warmies (and vice versa), and it makes a great opportunity to change up your hairstyle too. Whether through colour, cut or different ways to wear it, your hair deserves as much revamp attention when the temperature changes as your clothes do. Here are a few of our favourite looks to inspire you this winter. 

Mid-length madness

While short hair isn’t always conducive to cooler weather, long hair poses a threat of static that we just don’t have time to deal with. So, why not opt for something in-between? A mid-length hairdo is a great way to show off your features, and an even better way to save time on styling.
5 things to do with your hair this winter : asian women long black hair

Straight to the curl

This hairstyle starts out smooth at the top and ends in luscious curls perfect for the change of season. It combines two classic dos and the result is a look fit for trendsetters everywhere. The style also adds volume in all the right places and protects your neck from the wintery breeze.
5 things to do with your hair this winter : woman with balayage hair brunette

Copper coded

We can’t get enough of this perfectly autumn look that’s a beautiful combination of red and brown. Copper hair is all the rage right now and is fail-safe when looking to change your colour up for winter. The best part? It’ll look just as good when your darker roots begin to grow out.
5 things to do with your hair this winter : woman with big Afro

Up, up and away

While it’s great to wear your hair down when its nippy outside, wearing it up and away from your neck allows you to rock those trendy scarves you purchased for winter, without worrying about where to tuck your locks. A slicked back ponytail is also a timeless hairstyle that’s suited to every occasion.
5 things to do with your hair this winter : women with  winking afro updo

Sweet like chocolate

It’s the perfect winter snack for when you’re sitting in front of a crackling fire, and a gorgeous hair colour for when you’re looking to subtly change things up. Chocolate-coloured hair is, of course, a brown variant that best includes subtle highlights of a different shade in the same family to add variety. Delicious!
5 things to do with your hair this winter : woman with long curly hair
And just like that you have a variety of cuts, colours and dos to spruce up your look this winter. All that’s left is to visit a hair professional to achieve a look beautifully suited to you!
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