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5 Easy updos that your haidresser would be proud of

07 July 2017
Fashionable Girl with twin bun
Nicole Vince

Nicole Vince

Hair journalist

Nicole is a hair and beauty journalist with a particular fondness for the latest bright hair colours. There isn't a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

Thanks to its technical ease, the ponytail comes everywhere with us: to the gym, to class and to the office. Indeed, it’s easy to get bored of this overused hairstyle. Keep scrolling to read tips gathered from experts to give your updos an upgrade with these easy – yet chic – ideas!


1. The Classic Chignon

Classy and sophisticated, the chignon – more commonly known as the low bun – sits just above the nape of the neck. Gracious and classic, it’s a favourite with brides on their big day and actresses on the red carpet. With several incarnations, depending on how you sweep the ponytail and pin it in place, it’s a versatile yet classy updo that remains utterly timeless. Easy to achieve, gather your hair into a ponytail with a hairband, twist the strands around the base and pin in place. Try L'Oréal Professionnel's Lumi Controle to tuck away any rebellious bangs.

French L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador Philippe Laurent reveals an expert tip: “Sometimes I like to pump up a classic and polished chignon by using L'Oréal Professionnel Shower Shine spray  it will offer shine, sexiness and gloss to the look.”

2. The Beautiful Braid

Both feminine and right on trend  what more could you ask for? Try a French braid or a standard braid and finish off your style by pinning it up. Sweet yet stylish, it’s a great look for an urban or rural scene, day or night. Another option: braid yourself a crown, the perfect complement to a low, messy bun.

Philippe Laurent adores revisiting classic hairstyles by adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the look. “I like to create wet-look braids by using the Extreme Splash Gelée. I pre-dry the hair before separating it into three sections. Then, I apply the product on the three strands, making sure the hair is disciplined, and finally I start to braid the hair.”

3. The Messy Bun

A looser, more relaxed take on the chignon, this cool hairstyle works at any time of the day. When drawing together the ponytail for the bun, leave some slack – and again when pinning – to attain a looser, more casual look. Another method is to create a tighter, well-secured bun, and then loosen with your fingers and fish out a few strands and give that ‘messy’ look

4. Top Knot

Somewhere between the practical and the edgy, the top knot has become a staple updo, with both men and women rocking the look it’s fun and easy to style. The key to the perfect top knot: finding the right spot for it, by judging the most comfortable and secure area, but also the spot that will suit your proportions the best. Once you’ve chosen the position of your topknot, create a ponytail and twist your strands around the base. Fix with bobby pins or push into the hairband and finish with a spritz of Pure Force 20 Hairspray by Redken. Leave a few wild spikes poking out for a sharper look!

Twin Buns

Don’t knock it until you try it. Cute and creative (not to mention princess Leia-esque – and who doesn’t want to look like Princess Leia?), double buns look great worn high on the head or lower down. Split your hair down the middle parting with a long-tail comb and tie high or low pigtails. Then simply twist (or braid if you are feeling more adventurous) and wrap around the base. And there you have it: the perfect double bun! Tomohiro Kobayashi Kakimoto Arms, a japanese hairdresser for L’Oréal applies Full Volume Extra Techni.art to add texture to the twin buns.

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