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5 classic hairstyles that look beautiful at any age

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26 March 2019
Caucasian woman with mid-length brown hair

Age is just a number, right? And if your hairstyle makes you feel like a million bucks, then don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too young or too old to pull it off!


That said, there are some cuts that really enhance your features and work especially well for an… erm… mature yet sophisticated look. If you feel like you need to spruce your hair up with a fresh look, we have just the ticket.


Without further ado, here are our 5 favourite hairstyles that look amazing no matter what your age!



1. Bangs bangs bangs!


Whether you’re 20 or 50, you can definitely pull off a fringe. Bangs make you look younger and are also great for disguising those pesky forehead wrinkles. If you’re on the upper side of 20 to 50, opt for a sexy, tousled cut rather than a blunt, sharp fringe, which can be ageing.



Caucasian woman with short red hair

2. Blunt-cut bob or lob


Anyone, at any age, can wear a bob. The trick is to choose a haircut to suit your face shape. If you have a round face or are carrying a little extra weight, your bob should end between your shoulders and your jaw. This longer bob, or lob, frames the face to make it appear longer and thinner.


Woman with dark bob and blunt fringe

3. Layered bob


Feathery layers create texture and softness that are really flattering, especially on older faces. Layers are also easier to maintain than blunt cuts and more forgiving of less-than-perfect styling. Plus, they help create height and volume for thinning hair.


Asian woman with short dark hair

4. Rounded cut curls


This is an excellent option for tight, natural curls. It’s almost an afro, but not quite. This style should be cut to about shoulder length and rounded to create a soft halo of curls around your head.


African woman with curly afro

5. Long, loose waves


Long hair isn’t just for teenagers - so don’t be afraid of extra length just because you’re a little older. Wear your hair medium-long (between your elbow and your shoulder) as overly long hair can get very dry at the ends and can be tricky to manage. Style it in loose waves or curls to create softness around the face.


For hair that keeps you looking young and fresh, always ask for a cut that can be styled wavy or curly rather than super straight. Waves that frame the face are far more flattering than the hard lines of poker straight hair. Other than that, have fun with your hair and don’t let your age define you!

Caucasian with brown hair in loose curls
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