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The best no-heat hairstyles for natural hair

28 August 2018
thick frizzy hair
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With the cooler weather comes dry hair, even more so than usual. The worst thing you could do to your poor tresses during this time is to add heat damage on top of already frizzy, fragile hair. The alternative? Hairstyles that require no heat at all, but that are still super stylish. Here are a few of our favourite looks to get you started.

No Heat Curls

Bantu knots are a great alternative to achieving luscious curls where no heat is required. To start, run Mizani’s Curl Enhancing Lotion through your hair with your fingers. Next, separate your hair into different sections, twisting each section into miniature buns and secure with bobby pins. Leave for a couple of hours (depending on how curly your hair naturally is) then untwist and finish with a spritz of hairspray.

thick afro hair

Piled Up Pony

A great way to style curly natural hair is to pile it up on top of your head in a messy bun. Apply a product like Redken Curvaceous Leave-in/Rinse-out Conditioner before you begin and allow it to dry. First take out your desired fringe strands and separate from the rest of your locks. Pull your remaining hair into a ponytail and brush up until the pony is on top of your head. Create a bun and secure with a hairband before pulling and tugging to achieve a look that’s truly yours.

african afro bun hairstyle

Headband Do

Often, a great way to spruce up a simple hairstyle is to add an accessory. Try a low bun (secured by either bobby pins or a hair tie) with a beautiful headband to complete the look. Tuck any loose ends of the bun into the back of the headband and you’re left with a truly elegant style perfect for every occasion. To keep everything intact, try Diamond Rich Sheen Spray by Dark and Lovely, for added moisture and boosted shine without the greasy build-up.

bandana afro bun hairstyle

So, instead of just tucking your hair up into a wrap for the colder months, why not use this time to experiment with a few heatless hairstyles that are sure to impress? Your mane will thank you for it when summer returns in all its glory.

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